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  1. So far as I can tell with what I know about ages and birth dates this picture was probably taken around 1915 to 1917.
  2. Dwight, What is the tank on the running board for?
  3. Dwight, So far I'm not impressed with their photo uploading feature here. I tried four times and it just locked up and did nothing. The picture I just posted a link to was scanned from one of hundreds of negatives I have that were handed down to me from my mother over 30 years ago. Most of the prints were missing and I had no way short of spending piles of money to really get to see them until I bought a really great scanner that does film, negatives and prints. The two people in the Buick are my maternal grandparents. They were born in 1889 and 1891. I was mainly trying to find the type
  4. Dwight, Here is a link to the picture on Photobucket. http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz61/Darkside-Dave/Old%20Family%20Pics/1910Buick1_1.jpg OK, I think that worked.
  5. Dwight, Sorry about the mistake, I don't know how I managed to do that. Maybe it's my dyslexia, (not kidding), or just old age. I have tried four times to upload the old picture I have but it won't work. Maybe I haven't been a member log enough to have that privilege??? Dave
  6. Thanks Steve... I just dug out the negative I scanned. According to the emulsion side being as it is I have to agree but check this picture out. The image is clearly not reversed because if it was the sign in front of the car would be backwards as would be the Buick script in the radiator. This is why I'm questioning the possibility of there being an option for either side drive. https://www.google.com/search?q=1910+buick+model+19&biw=1243&bih=575&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=D5DJVML7CqzksATHw4CYDA&sqi=2&ved=0CB0QsAQ#imgdii=_&imgrc=JeWJyurWnDLb
  7. I have some old pictures of cars that belong to my grandparents. One picture that I had turned out to be a 1910 model 19 Buick I was told. I was also told the image was reversed. That could have been my fault as I scanned the old pics from negatives. I scanned it so it appeared to be left hand drive. After being told the image was reversed I went to Google it and I found pictures of this model and some were right hand and some were left hand drive. Can anyone here shed some light on this issue? Was the car offered both ways? Any other general info would be appreciated. Thanks in advan
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