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  1. So glad you are well! I spoke to you at one time about buying your coupe express...call me ? 301 302 9634 david
  2. I am serious about buying one, yes...as with ANY car purchase, there are many factors that dictate the price I am willing to pay such as: condition, color, history, is the power train the 'born with' power train...I know I can't be too picky, but so far I have found two...thanks everyone for your help. I don't do any work as I don't have the time or skills, so it needs to be turn key.
  3. This is what it looked like coming out of the barn...these two were into high performance stuff and switched it to a 4 speed on the floor...the owner (in beige) broke his foot on the farm and parked it in 1974...
  4. I know the purists won’t like this...but it would be neat to have this on the side of the tow vehicle (could be put on a magnet so that it isn’t permanent)
  5. by the way, which If these is the first muscle car?!
  6. I like you folks...here’s the full confession/ I am a school teacher (i.e. not wealthy) but just happen to like old cars and I am particularly smitten with Studebaker’s. I found this golden hawk in a barn years ago and purposely paid (more than it is worth) to have it mechanically but not cosmetically restored. Of every 10 that see it, one tells me to burn it to put it out of its misery and the other nine can’t stop taking pictures of it. One lady approached me giggling ...I asked her what was up and (pardon me)...but...honest to goodness she told me she lost her virginity in the back of a g
  7. That is really nice...my max is 65k...not sure if that will get me one or not, but boy I missed a chance at a splendid one at 65k last year and regret it. Thanks for thinking of me, though! David
  8. You seem to like Studebakers...please put my name and number in the glovebox should it ever be available for sale...it is what I am looking for (David Long 301 302 9634) Would you be interested in a cool 1957 Golden Hawk? I may sell mine...text me for photos/details) or ask me to reply here...
  9. I am looking to buy a nice studebaker coupe express...anyone know of one for sale?!
  10. Looking for a Studebaker Coupe Express pickup to buy...must be in good/excellent/or mint condition. Thanks David
  11. Thanks for the story! Every show I attend, someone approaches me with similar stories...they typically go "I had a friend that had one of these, and he had that thing up to '(fill in the blank)' miles an hour!". The previous owner's brother has a manual trans Javelin...anyway, the brother insists he had the car to 135mph...I have a hard time believing that... Check out the cool business cards I found in the glovebox. Incidentally, the car was parked because the previous owner (a farmer) broke his ankle and couldn't drive the manual trans...so it sat for a summer...which extend
  12. Thank you...I bet it will be another car I regret selling. I waited for two years to get it back and it is a blast to drive.
  13. With a heavy heart I am offering my barn find 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk for sale. $24,500 oboBought this car 3 years ago from a local guy that owned it since the early 60s.In the late 60s, he made the following modifications: converted the automatic on the tree to a four speed on the floor. He also changed the bench seat to black buckets from a Hawk GT.The car has been mechanically restored (I actually prefer the natural patina).The original supercharged 289 cu in engine has been rebuilt and is reliable/strong. (Yes, the supercharger is functional). Paint is original...you will se
  14. There is a great deal of truth in what 'kingrudy' says: it is quite possible he did it to appease his wife. I know this to be true because there is a guy in my hometown with a 1970 Cuda that did the same thing (except that he used Craigslist) and put an impossibly high price on the car. Regardless, common sense tells you you need some fundamental information. Maybe the forum needs a template of required fields before anything is posted on the 'for sale' forum.
  15. I did those numbers two years ago when I took delivery of the car...I bet you are correct. Nevertheless, I have an NCRS judge coming to my house to review the car. At that time, the provenance/authenticity/quality will be reviewed by an independent third party. I love the car, especially the original paint and it's unique color (if it was named 'aztec gold' people would think it was awesome...but saddle tan doesn't sound exciting to some folks). I am not particularly loyal to Chevrolet and don't label myself as a hardcore corvette guy...I may have been equally happy with other spe
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