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  1. This was taken about 1955 myself in it my young brother pushing it didn't take me long to knock that up
  2. Me in my Historic race car built in Sydney Aus. in 1955 chassis number 5 still has original paint and I have it's full history. It gets out on the track at least once per month.
  3. Myself my son and his son in front of the 1930 Hudson Super 8 Brougham my father passed on to me in 2001. The Hudson goes to my son and then to his children, the car has been in the family since 1973.
  4. Nota built in Sydney AUS. in 1955 historic race car Ford Prefect motor, gearbox and diff.
  5. My first date in the 1953 Holden Ute. My first date with my now wife of 49 years 1964 Holden Premier
  6. My Grandfathers 1929 Essex bought new in 1930 with the first rego. paper
  7. Made it to Queensland Raceway on Wednesday, it is interesting to drive it gets your attention that is for sure still a few things to look at like the clutch starts to slip when it hits around 5000rpm and the brakes need a bit of attention like more detail adjustment. Can't wait to get it out again next month.
  8. In 1929 Hudson and Essex had adjustable front seats and steering column on their closed cars
  9. Yes in Aus..Dover was a commercial vehicle made by Hudson Motorcar Company in 1929.
  10. The only photo I have of my late fathers Dover before it was finished
  11. almost finished another couple of weeks should see it on the track
  12. These may be of use to you if not let me know as I have more.
  13. Not next to it but in, the 6 wheeler didn't survive the other I still have photos taken around 51
  14. The only way to make a small fortune from a motor museum is to start with a large fortune
  15. Or you could try this, it was sent to me by a friend hard to read but I think you get the idea.
  16. They even made their way Down Under. I got it from my Dad maybe it was his Dads. Started my carpenter apprenticeship in 1962 the only power tool was a small electric drill we had to share between 20 or so people. I don't miss the hand tools one bit but I still have quite a few in the shed.
  17. So true he is 9 months old and named after his Great grandfather.
  18. My Dad bought the 1930 Hudson Brougham in 1974 with 11,000 miles, in 1971 it had paint and upholstery done and hasn't been touched since, it was passed to us early 2000 when because of poor health he had to go into care. It now has 66,000 miles and gets used regular, about once a month when we put on around 100 to 150 miles in a day with the local vintage car club. Three generations with the Hudson, my son will eventually inherit the Hudson and hopefully pass it on to his son.
  19. I do remember riding in it in the early 50's, but I have the 30 Hudson Brougham my Dad bought in 1973 with 11000 miles [now 66000] so I guess that is almost as good. The Hudson will be passed down to my son, the EH Holden Premier to my daughter and the Nota historic racer they both want so may have to look for another historic racer to even things out.
  20. A couple of photos of my Grandfathers 29 Essex he bought new in 1930 also the first rego. receipt issued. I don't know when they were taken or where, the photo of the two cars has 1936 on the back. I don't know who owns the 30 Essex maybe a family friend. '
  21. There is no date on the back only Gympie Rd. Brisbane Australia. I found in my Dad's stuff after he passed away in 2002.
  22. I think 31 Essex the radiator does not appear to have louvers in front of it as the 30 does.
  23. Got this for Christmas in 1950 as a four year old and still have it Cyclops Clipper. The other one form your own opinion.
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