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  1. I saw Alfred Krupps Mercedes in La Jolla back in the 90's....
  2. At first glance looks like a brake master cylinder. Do I detect threads for a cap on right end ?
  3. Found this 57 Ragtop on third floor of an old Cab Company Bldg in 1976 along with a 35 Chevy Coupe with bullet holes. Took six hours to lower both cars down the shaft......
  4. Here's some more pics of a car hoard near me discovered two years ago. Several Willys visible including this weird tailed car. Covered by a brush so could only get shot of year lol
  5. Old laptop having trouble posting lol Here are two cars we lowered down an elevator shaft from third floor of an old cab company building in new Jersey back in November of 1976, Took six hours. Cars covered in pigeon poop. Thank God ragtop was up. Had to clear bottom of shaft of old tires, sinks and trash. Think yellow one is a 1935 Chevy ( with bullet holes ) but never sure because.......both cars were stolen the same day week or so later !! Got a call at work saying some "friends" were moving the cars for me !
  6. Think this is a 1935 Chevy...was never sure. Found this & a 1957 Chevy Ragtop ( covered in pigeon poop) on third floor of old cab company building in New Jersey November of 1976. Took 6 hours to lower down elevator shaft......both cars stolen week or two later ! Those are bullet holes in the '35.......
  7. We have a secret hoard of old cars from 20's - 50's a short walk from home including several Willys......just rotting away
  8. In November of 1976 lowered two cars down an elevator shaft from third floor in New Jersey.....this is one of them complete with bullet holes......took 6 hours for both cars. Week or so later both cars were stolen on same day while I was at work....The other was a 57 Chevy Convertible.....
  9. Railroad tracks run through wooded area near power lines.....
  10. Hiking along railroad tracks & thought we found an old sign. Turned out to be a very rusty tailgate from a Crosley face down in the leaves. Turned it over & this badge was still attached.
  11. I know a joke that might clear things up but i don't want to offend the webmaster lol
  12. It's good to be afraid.......Cars are in New Jersey !
  13. EPA is a bigger concern & it's Eminent Domain. At one time Town asked that cars parked in view of major road be removed according to neighbors. Old timers I've spoken with remember the cars out front years ago.....
  14. I had a great little junkyard close to home in San Diego. One day I swung by and found a TR4 had just arrived. I opened the hood and there was a Japanese engine with 2 huge side draft carbs. I ran home to get some tools and when I returned two young guys had removed them & were heading to the payment window ! San Diego junkyards were clean & awesome. Found a Heinkle once. I drove Opels for ten years and could always find parts.
  15. AT this point I'd be happy to spend a day taking pictures & exploring. WHo knows what else is hidden there ?
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