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  1. Took me second, Ghostymosty to figuare out what you were getting at. set aside my previous story RE: grille tridente,.... it may be wise as Ghosty says in so few words, words or as i may say boldly,.................." Be aware of this car " The Craigslist pic's of the green TC does however look like a 56,000 mile TC and the owner shows a pic of the odometer reading as such.
  2. I did get a closer look as to the grille on the British Green TC. It is a basic beehive style background grille material and is not the original TC grille. I did consider this way of after market before i started my grille project but i wanted it to be a worlds first for a TC. I decided to keep the original plastic grille / horizontal / vertical grille fins and blend it into a removable 80's Maserati Tridente. Afterall , whats 35 - 40 hours of your life worth?
  3. The close to British Green is very different, i agree. This TC owner person has a good imagination with a nice touch. I hope the TC was stripped to bare metal and all trim removed before he did this colour change. ( new paint, level and without orange peel ) What caught my eye WAY MORE!!! than that was that it has a,.. or what looks to be,... a late 80's Tridente grille emblem instead of the original Pentatrident. I would like to get a close up to see how that TC owner' made that happen and the close-up results. Back in May / June of this year, i had that same bright idea,.
  4. How many of the black one's were made with the Bordeaux interior? Found only 2 blocks away from where i live with only 12,000 miles ( 1 owner )
  5. The situation were I didn't have full control,.... I had the hard top on. The cowl effect is probably not uncommon with this car. If i understand what Bill is saying,.. is that the top holds the car in one piece so as to avoid twists and turns throughout the cars body / frame-work. Keep in mind,... I still have the original Sachs struts and i have 58,000 on them.
  6. Going back ( days ) a bit,...when texaslowell mentioned or put forth the question ' with top on or off ' and the cowl effect. I believe he was thinking ( correct me if i'm wrong ) about the top heavy effect,.... even though the Cabriolet top is only 83 ponnds,... I suppose it could create the 'out of control issue that i previously mentioned ..if you're talking about the cowl of the body ( and only ) without any cowl wind factor involvement,... then texaslowell you did indeed bring up something worthy to discuss. I guess what i would think of in the process of elimination is bad shocks / s
  7. I had my P4's installed six weeks ago by Discount Tire. The 29 psi was too low for all around. You can't go by the factory rec's. I found that 31psi rear and 41psi front works best for this tire / car combination. 29psi does not work. The front-end of this car is FAR TOO HEAVEY. With my adjusting tire press along with Discount Tire's guide..ing., I now,...love my new tires and the way they perform.
  8. I'm slow , I know' but i finally had the Pirelli P4's put on last Saturday. 'Discount Tire' installed the P4's with the standard 29 psi on both front and rear tires. Within twenty miles of travel,.. i had a crazy situation that required me to swerve very hard and quick to avoid devestation, new tires had a quick FIRST response but rubberbandish thereafter ( side to side sway )...... Back to Discount Tires and now 31 psi rear and 38 psi front... This is soooo much better,.... I can't explain how much this improved the handling plus the improvement on the low tire profile look on the fro
  9. Draining the old fluid out completely ( every drop ) is also a very good place to start with. Petrolium products get old and then will not do their job properly and if it is in you're case, the original gear oil in you're manual Getrag tranny, it should be changed. You will also have the advantage of checking out the metalic debis on the magnetic drain plug,.... and that tells a story too. ( very helpfull ) It may have been contaminated by ' who knows what ' along the way in the hands of an un-caring / unknowing auto dealership or backyard mechanic. It is best to replace the fluid and not
  10. C-OZ I do believe, if I understand correctly,.... what you're looking for in the way of a car cover, you will find it at Pep-Boys Auto Supplies. Make sure you request the '100% water proof ' ( not water resistant ) car cover. They come in various sizes. The TC is: length 175.8 width 68.5 height 51.9 RE: fuel lever trim. www.arizonaparts.com should have the original lever you're looking for.
  11. Nobody mentioned the miles on this 16V car other than trip mileage at 000. My previous thought on a price of 1k max. was based on no mileage understood whatsoever. If it has under 30K confirmed miles, I think it was a fair gamble at the price it sold for if the buyer lived somewhat local to that area. If the buyer is planning to hold on to this TC for long term and really feels it is going up in value then it is even better than a fair gamble from an investment standpoint.
  12. CUT LOOSE !!! Vonblood!!!, What did people say, how did they respond, what were the comments about you're TC ? Give us members the inside on a tour of this nature,.. and oH! of course... how did those Perelli's ride/ work? ..... did they,... .........How did people look at th P4's ? Old or just a new COOL! ?
  13. In the last 15 years I've bought about thirty or so , cars from auctions,... this is not alot but i still get the feel and so i've lost money on about 15%, broke even on about another 10%, made good money on about 30% and made extreme high returns on the remaining %'s. This was something i did on the side and not my normal prof., I would buy at LOCAL auctions and try to find the best quick turn investment deal. I would bid on the car as if it had no tranny ( or a bad one ) soas to safegaurd my bid. If you back up 3 or 4 threads, someone had thoughts close to this. I did all
  14. I have not seen this car or know anything about it but the estate holder claims that the deceased owner had spent 17K with receipts in resto. This is a 1991 4-way black as i understand it. They don't mention the miles on the car. I found this on Craigslist in the Seattle area so you will find it easily.
  15. I've got a good feeling about this 16V car. This is one that was garaged most of its life, had old gas and so it may not start or run good but it,.. and / or, might have been willed to a grandson / daughter etc.... or whoever and they don't know what to do with it now. I would just tack on the cost of another Getrag trans. ( almost worst case ) then determine if its worth it. Looks to me like a fair gamble for those of you that are local to that area to snag it for a good price that is under $1,000 dollars.
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