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  1. Thanks to everyone for their input. Here's an update. Thanks to Bill Lagna for an easy and courteous transaction -- I now have a beautiful NOS tri-shield emblem. I purchased the surround bezel from Emblemagic, which fortunately was in stock. Also a very easy and courteous transaction. I think the bezel is acceptable, but it is noticeably incorrect to a trained eye. For example, the tri-shield emblem does not fit perfectly, and there is no interior rasied bevel around the opening for the tri-shield emblem. Like most of you I suspect, I'd like it to look very original, so I'm still not 100% happy. Thus, I'm still looking for an original, NOS, or highly accurate repro bezel, and hopefully Michael's contact has the latter. Brent
  2. Thanks Pete! I'll touch base with John, but perhaps someone has found an original one that they're willing to sell? One can only hope, I guess . . . .
  3. I'm looking for a front bumber emblem for a 1970 Buick Estate Wagon -- both the bezel surround and the tri-shield emblem insert. Any leads to finding this part would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Brent