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  1. With the proper 10a fuse you can test the voltage with a volt meter. Run the motor and touch the positive and negative leads while giving the motor some throttle. There are two screws one locking hex bolt and the other adjusts. When running you can loosen the hex and adjust the output. Make sure the brushes are in good condition and the commentator is clean. Also watch the amp meter on the dash.
  2. I use avgas. It is 100ll 100 octane at altitude. At sea level it’s basically premium. It has no ethanol and stores very well. I only fill my car up once or twice a year. The fuel will be used long before it turns. Since I have a 12v system it runs well. If you are interested I have another thread about it. It’s called avgas in a Dodge.
  3. On the top of the tank there is a latch in the center. That kept the tank from falling if the straps came loose. I sent my tank to be sealed and it came back without it. They told me they never received that part nor the gas cap. Does anyone know what it looks like and where to find one.
  4. To start the band is not round. There is either too much clearance or no clearance. If I back off the first two adjustments they do not even touch. I tightened everything up to where the brakes work well. After a mile they were smoking a lot. I loosened them slightly and let them cool. The brakes did not hold and still got hot.
  5. I have tried to adjust the brakes for YEARS with no success. I am just going to start from scratch. First of all the drums are severely scored. The pedal goes to the floor. The brakes are dragging. If I adjust it so the pedal does not go to the floor the car will not move. Before I take everything apart is there any last efforts I should try.
  6. I disconnected all the wires from the amp meter and traced them. Turns out it was wired incorrectly. It is now charging.
  7. I disconnected the generator while running and I can see that it is clearly producing voltage. The lead has 0 ohms to the frame. There is voltage between the battery and starter terminal on the starter button. For the time being I am ruling the starter generator out a faulty. I am looking into the wiring. The switch tests good in the bench. The starter and battery terminals test ♾ ohms. When connected to the leads there is 12v. I am getting somewhere slowly.
  8. I spoke with him today. He forgot that he asked me. I don’t expect any photos in the near future. You will be the first to know.
  9. Does anyone have any photos? what was the vehicle used? Do we have any information about the the trip? Any facts?
  10. I was able to have my friends/professors tank tested. The welding supply guy here in a car buff. He filled the tank for me. If you get someone who is by the book I don’t know if they will do it.
  11. I have a 1926 dodge. I am looking for an auto repair shop for my car. I need a brake job and some odds and ends. Many places don’t know what mechanical brakes are let alone how to repair them. If anyone has a trusted shop that knows how to repair these pre war cars please let me know. I am located in Sonoma California.
  12. The brakes are dry. A few years ago they got soaked is oil. I replaced the felts. The transmission slowly pumps oil into the differential. I have replaced the gasket and bearings but it still leaks. I just drain it a few times a year. I full the transmission to compensate.
  13. There was resistance from the distributor cap to the wires. I cleaned the contacts and put some dielectric grease where the wires connected. That reduced the ohms. Now the resistance is fairly low. I ended up pulling the fuse on the starter to test drive it. It has a new condenser. I can see that sometimes there is some arching behind the starter button. I think that it is making contact with the block. Currently the car will not charge nor stop. I’ve given up on the brakes. The pedal goes to the floor and the car doesn’t slow down. If I tighten it to where the pedal travel is good I can not
  14. Hello I have a 1926 DB. I am looking for a truck that can haul it across the country. It would be great if it can be a DB too. I don’t know much about trucks. My idea is to have a trailer with sleeping quarters towed by a DB semi. I do not know if Dodge or Graham had diesel motors. If anyone has any information such as specs photos hauling capacity etc. it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Could you post a photo of their current state.
  16. If it was left outside for years 500 in a shed with some protection 1000 in my opinion I think a good place to start is at 2000 and top out at 3000. my advice for anyone selling a car is get the motor to run. Even if it can only do it for a few seconds. If the motor was running (doesn’t have to charge can piss oil. Choke cough sputter smoke.but run) you can go up to 6000. In my opinion a running motor can double the asking price.
  17. http://www.aviation-fuel.com/pdfs/MSDS_for_AvGas_100LL_from_P66_dated_3-04-13.pdf https://www.valero.com/en-us/Documents/OSHA_GHS_SDS/SDS%20US%20-%20002-GHS%20UNLEADED%20GASOLINE%20Rev1%205-14.pdf here are some msds. One if for avgas the other for pump automotive gas.
  18. Avgas dropped to 3.75 and I was out of fuel. I decided to fill the dodge up. I fill the tank up once a year (except when I go to a national meet). Since the stuff has no junk like ethanol it stores pretty well. I changed the oil and I will do oil samples. I also compared the msds for avgas and pump has. Most major brands have them posted in their website. Then I referenced the cas numbers. If anyone is interested I can post the msds and cas info.
  19. The wires all have less than 1 ohm. I put dielectric grease on the connections in the boot. The connections are only a year old. I did not see any corrosion.
  20. Great thanks. I installed it yesterday. I used shellac gasket sealer to hold the rubberized cork on the pan and on the rear main felt. I put some oil on the block so the gasket can come off easily next time.
  21. I am looking for an antique 12 volt battery. Just like this.
  22. I apologize for the delay. The owner is my friend who is much older than me. He asked my to make a post. I have asked him for an asking price and some photos. He said that he would get them shortly.
  23. I am replacing the oil pan gasket. I have 5 pieces plus the rear bearing felt. I am not sure where the three long felts go
  24. Is there a way to do a search within a forum. For example dodge brothers forum and Oil pan. Is that possible.
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