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  1. Or a sandblasting cabinet.
  2. 41 Buick trim on the fender skirts.
  3. Don't know what car but it's the panel on the side of the radiator of a 1950s car.
  4. Looks like a wood working tool, spoon carving? Are the edges sharp?
  5. That may be a base for an old transit.
  6. Buy it only if you want to fix/buy a new engine. Problem is that are not worth much when running good, and cost just as much to fix as a car worth much more when running good.
  7. I'm guessing wrong head gasket or installed upside down or flipped front to back if not symmetrical. Check it against the one you removed. You also may have bolts that go into the water jacket, that you did not put sealer on and the antifreeze is running up the threads and into the intake and exhaust manifolds.
  8. Should be same as a 49 Super. Super is painted not chrome.
  9. The top picture was my Hupp which I restored back in the 1990's. It's Boone Brown and Amazon Stone Grey. Straight 8 with freewheeling. It had a new mohair interior done on the original seats.
  10. ventport

    Shifter Knob

    60's Ford pickup?
  11. ventport

    Mirror Logo

    Looks like a 50's Yankee Tri Bar with a Buick look a like logo. Aftermarket
  12. If it's car parts from K Mart, get rid of it, it's crap.