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  1. ventport

    Shifter Knob

    60's Ford pickup?
  2. ventport

    Mirror Logo

    Looks like a 50's Yankee Tri Bar with a Buick look a like logo. Aftermarket
  3. ventport

    Parts from Kmart..

    If it's car parts from K Mart, get rid of it, it's crap.
  4. ventport

    Motor Dictaphone

    You need to pop the cover off and post a picture of what is inside.
  5. ventport

    A fender?

    Top cover for fender well spare tire. Big car like Buick or Cad?
  6. ventport

    Need id on dash

    Yup Metro.
  7. ventport

    Universal something joint - looks 1920s

    Yep tractor pto.
  8. ventport

    Weston-Mott front axle

    Looks like a farm tractor axle to me.
  9. ventport

    Unknown steering wheel

    '41 Chev optional wheel. Just looked it up and it's a 41 Chev optional wheel.
  10. ventport


  11. ventport

    1949 Buick Rear Inner Fender Deflector?????

    Sure looks like the ones on my 49 sedanett.
  12. ventport

    What radios fit 49 Buick Super dash

    Begged Off? I thought your price was too high for a non working radio. Why not PM TG instead of hijacking my post to sell your radio?
  13. ventport

    1940s or early 1950s bumper/fender guard?

    56 Buick rear bumper boomerangs. Goes between bumper and tail light.
  14. ventport

    What radios fit 49 Buick Super dash

    Will a 50 -53 radio's fit the 49 dash? They look the same in pictures?