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  1. AACA'ers: WOW! These responses are exactly what I was hoping for -- intelligent objective insight from people who are passionate about the topic, and friendly enough to give direction to the unknowing and curious! Based on some of your comments it might not be a bad idea if I actually posted some images and details of the vehicles in the collection -- for nothing else, maybe that will help us get some additional information about the vehicles that are in question (such as whether the Essex I mentioned is a Speedster or not, and whether it's a 1922 or 1927, etc.). So again, THANK YOU to all of you who commented -- and since I'll be working on getting more details on the vehicles, WATCH THIS SPACE! jdbriandb33
  2. AACA folks: I'm an attorney with a client who has a number of antique and classic cars, and they are looking for guidance on how best to value, sell, and possibly restore to sell, the entire lot. I found your site and thought you'd be the best people to ask about this. The collection includes: 1911 Ford 1911 Overland 1917 Chevrolet 1922 Essex (this may be a 1927 -- it's a convertible) 1922 Lexington 1922 Willys-Knight 1928 Reo Wolverine 1929 Whippit 1936 Chevrolet 1940 Nash We had gotten the collection appraised, but the appraiser appeared to be making an offer for the fleet, not necessarily providing an objective value. My sense is that a consignment sale would be more appropriate, but even if we pursue that route, we haven't yet found a reliable source of information on the vehicle's values. My client may also be willing to put in a few dollars towards restoration, if it will return a better result. My client is in NW Wisconsin, so if there are any regional recommendations for auctioneers, appraisers, restoration, etc. I would welcome it as well. Thanks for any help you can give, I genuinely appreciate it!
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