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  1. I think i read somewhere in the forums that a 89 reatta should run about 14v+, i recently had to change a alternator cause it was reading in the 11v range, and now it reads 13-13.5v with not load going down a road with no load, but as soon as a load is put on it, it drops to the 12v range, and when it comes to a stop it will go as low as 11.9v with a load and 12v without a load at idle. Is it safe to assume this reman alternator is no good? The battery is only a few months old also.
  2. The chrome strip is a generic cut to fit piece, and I reused the reattach emblems from the old moldings, which you have to grind the tabs off the back of it and double side tape it back on.
  3. the coolant was added recently since it sat for awhile before i got it, and after i got it while it was prepped and painted., not sure when the thermostat was last changed thought, i will change it this weekend just for safety, i already bought a 195 replacement one thought. The engine fan works, but the a/c fan was not turning on at that time , because the a/c was not working at the time, because it needed the air vacuumed from the system and charged,which i couldn't do at home. but i got done today, no signs of any leaks, and hopefully i will never have to change the compressor on it again :eek:. I have not seen it go that high since that one time, 213 is the highest i seen it at idle since. I believe all the air is out of the cooling system and it is completely filled now. Anything else while i'm replacing things, i rather be safe then sorry?
  4. It held a vaccum and is now blowing cold.
  5. It has not since gotten near that high at a stop even before I got to add more coolant
  6. The seals are all in, i will find out tomorrow if it will hold a vacuum now.
  7. Temperature spiked to 230 at a light. Is that normal? First time I seen that. It sucked down the reservoir tank and was a little low in rad. I had thought I filled it back up after a/c change. could it had hurt something? As soon as I begun moving to turn of the temp begun dropping.
  8. should be same seals for a 89? I hope
  9. I can't seem to find the proper seals for my new compressor where the lines go in it. I seen it somewhere on the forums before but I can't seem to find it, does anyone know?
  10. Did the A/C. got most of it back together, i just hope i used the proper line seals, cause it came with alot of different ones, the thick one filled hole the but the thine one was not as wide but fitted the hose. It was a delphi compressor. I will hate if i have to take the parts back out.
  11. Thanks, i was wondering, cause this is first vehicle i owned that does this
  12. I have notice the red brake warnin liht coming on after start up and staying on a little bit after start up before going off, until the next start-up, is this normal, or what is causing it?
  13. The handles are black from me painting them black to add a little customization since i removed the black moldings, after i repaired the bracket on the back of one of them. The chrome was cut to fit, and the studs were removed, and yes the bumper moldings are still black. They suppose to be flat black aren't they? The hood emblem is on now, but hadn't took a picture with it on yet. Currently doing some mechanical work on the a/c system. It is operation but the compressor is leaking from halfway back and making a racket, like it's clutch bearings are going bad or something even when it's not engaged. Update: All the buttons are now operational. The massaging the button trick worked
  14. The paint was pretty much dead, and the clear was cracked when i got it, so i stripped the outside down to bare Metal/Plastic before repainting it with help from a friend. I owned used cars before with bad paint, but never took the effort trying to fix it like this reatta. I think its the first car i owned that i put this much work in trying to improve.