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  1. taongisurvivor

    '67 Brake line routing

    Several of the clips on my 67 were shot. Are these available from anywhere???
  2. I just finished pulling my differential in my 67 Riviera GS. I blasted all of the metal, replaced all bushings and bolts, replaced the emergency brake cables and all brake lines. I just finished this afternoon and the old girl drives NICE; just like a new car. Many thumbs up and waves when I drove to the gas station. Anyway, the flex line at the differential was an adventure, with our friends at Old Buick Parts sending me the wrong one twice and the folks at Inline Tube sending me yet a different wrong one once. After three failures by the parts masters, I happened in to the local AutoZone Parts store and they had the right one in stock. Go figure. At any rate, I am deploying in 5 days and have three flex brake lines I don't need or want. If anyone needs them, send me your address and I'll mail them to you for free just to get them out of the house. See the attached pic.
  3. taongisurvivor

    '67 Brake line routing

    I just replaced mine on my 67 and can crawl under there tomorrow and take some pics if you need some. What I found was that the frame has grooves trailing into and out of the frame where the line enters and exits. Once you know that little hack installation becomes obvious. Let me know if you want some pics.......
  4. taongisurvivor

    67 Riviera for sale

    Michael: My brother is interested in this car. Email him at: wjones33@comcast.net
  5. taongisurvivor

    New guy, new (to me) '67 GS

    Can you take some pics of the emergency brake cable connections from where it comes out of the frame next to the rear differential back to the brake drum??? I want to make sure I get all of the connections and brackets re-installed correctly. It's the brackets bolted to the frame and the connection clips and the locations of the folded u-guides that I am most concerned about. Thanks!
  6. I ordered some Emergency Brake Cables for my 1967 Riviera GS from Old Buick Parts. A week or so after I placed the order they called and asked me to send my old ones in as a core. Turns out they have no inventory and needed to rebuild my old ones rather than ship new ones. The rebuilder (an individual) just called and wanted to know if I had any more. If I could send him any old ones, he would rebuild one set for free for every two sets he received. I told him I would post on this site to check if any of you guys had any sets laying around and you wanted to get some new ones made up. His name is Kerry Miller and his phone number is 814-244-0398. Give him a call if you have anything as these fit several other years as well.
  7. I got my shocks from Ebay, item number 401000642017. They are made(?) by Gabriel and were exact replacements for what was under there. The differential and suspension is now bolted together and looks good. Now waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the wheel cylinders, flex hose, and emergency brake cables that I ordered from Old Buick Parts. Those guys are s.l.o.w. I am leaving in 2 weeks for Afghanistan, and I need to get the old girl going before I leave.
  8. My shock mounts came with the shocks. I did not use the new one since the old ones were perfect. Give me your mailing address and I'll send to you if you want them.
  9. I called AMSOIL and they said the standard 75W-90 gear oil is perfect for the positraction differentials. The oil has been formulated to include the anti-chatter additive. They stated that no additional additive is necessary. We'll see tomorrow.
  10. Done! Looks sexy, too!! I will try to get some pics tomorrow.
  11. I am installing the positraction differential back into the 67 Riviera GS. Is there a 'proper' way for the pig-tails on the coil springs to be oriented?? The springs look symetrical top-to-bottom (so there is no "up" or "down"), and the mounting location on the differential is not 'notched' in any way to indicate a pig-tail orientation. I could find no thread on the interweb discussing this issue on symetrical coils, but I hesitate to assume anything. Is there a right way / wrong way to install the coils???
  12. Getting ready to re-install the posi-differential back into the 67 Riviera GS. The dustless blasting, primer, and re-paint went better than expected and the differential is really, really beautiful. All new bushings, brake lines, wheel cylinders, and shocks. I now want to change out the diff fluid and was planning to use Amsoil synthetic plus a bottle of GM posi additive. Is this combination acceptable???
  13. taongisurvivor

    New guy, new (to me) '67 GS

    Perfect! Thanks!!
  14. taongisurvivor

    New guy, new (to me) '67 GS

    Rivdrivn: Can you post a pic of the two-piece upper control arm on top of the rear differential. I have just removed my posi-differential on my 67 and had it blasted, primed and painted. I took apart the upper control arm and replaced the bolts and bushings, but wanted to make sure the orientation was correct (if it even matters) when I re-install the unit this weekend. I also had the frame blasted around the differential mounting area, and I have primed and painted that area, plus I have replaced both shocks and all of the brake lines. It's looking good under there but I want to make sure I get it back together the way it should be. Gordon
  15. Absolutely! Located a local business owner who makes house calls and uses powdered glass as the blast media. He will come over Tuesday and blast the coil springs, rear frame, and differential for $300. It's worth it to me to get this done so I can get her put back together so I can go try to figure out how to remove the driver's door panel. I can't open the door either from the outside or inside, and there feels little resistance using the door handles. Therefore, I believe the linkage has become disconnected. So I need to remove the panel to get to the internals, but I can't get the panel off because the door is closed, and I can't open the door because the panel is preventing me from accessing the internals. The panel is in EXCELLENT condition and I don't want to bugger it up. Called 5 different locksmiths and no one is interested. I've got to figure this one out and I am running out of time.