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  1. NAPA sells a generic guage. 10 years ago I used th process Todd (Ply33) outlined matching the new bulb to my vintage guage It went flawlessly, I then checked accuracy with hot water and a candy thermometer as a reference, it was within 5%. I was extremely pleased
  2. Thanks for the replies. The plexiglass option holds a lot of promise.
  3. Towing my 24 special six home to TN from ME I lost (shattered) the (oh well unsafe) dark green front visor glass. Dues anyone know of a suitable replacement safety glass? Dbalfisto
  4. Did you find any, I am looking too.
  5. Tires are 6.00x20, rims 20" double beaded, uses a retainer to hold tightly to felloe.
  6. I recently acquired a 1954 manhattan 4 dr. It is a nice pretty unspoiled original car as far as I can tell. The car has a couple unique features I am trying to authenticate: - what appears to be original green plaid plastic seat covers. (I base this assumption on the excellent fit and fact it was listed as a dealer option in this style). Should they actually be original I am truly amazed at the condition. Might these indeed be original. - air conditioning under front dash AND in trunk a second evaporator serving vents in the rear deck. Kaiser script. -wire wheels with knock off style hubcaps. (Appear to be a correct, not Chrysler style) but I don't see wires as factory option. But could again have been ordered at dealer or an early owner swap out. These are painted in green matching the green on the top, signal green I think I saw it
  7. Need 2 straight rims for 1924 Studebaker special 6 artillery wheel. Let me know of availability.