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  1. Hi Tom & John, Thanks for the info. My 65 came with hub caps. I purchased wheels with the 2 1/8 opening. I do appreciate all the help as I am no expert! Thank you John for the tip to call Mitch Romanoski. He had just what I needed in stock and for less money then I found else where. I am excited to get them, as this is about the last thing my car needs. Here are a couple pictures of how I found her.
  2. I am looking for a set of 4 wheel caps. I have tried OPGI and Cars, but both are out of stock and do not know when they will be back in stock. Does anyone know of another source or have a nice pre owned set? I need them to fit a 2 1/8 opening. Thanks Matt
  3. After lot of testing I determined my visor relay was good but not well grounded. The relay body and the fender well where it is attached were corroded. I did get the old one to work but went ahead and replaced it anyway. I now have a new headlight relay and visor motor relay and now everything is working great. Thanks to everyone for all the input. The ROA is a great source of info.
  4. Thanks Tone Joined and all paid up. Matt
  5. After reading all the previous posts on the clamshell headlight visors, I think I have a bad relay. I have tested the motor after the relay and it opens and closes. With the relay connected and the key on, the visors open and the lights come on. However, with the key still on, the lights go off, but he visors stay open. Can someone please send me a direct link to the visor relay. I see others asking about a wiring diagram and service bulletin. Does anyone have a copy they can email me. Any and all ideas and advice is appreciated. Thanks for the help. Matt kluhbah@comcast.net
  6. I know this is an old post, but I am having the same problem. When I turn the lights on the visors open, but do not close when I turn the lights off. Has anyone been able to find a visor relay?i took the relay apart and I am able to touch the contact and make the close, so am not sure if this the problem? Any help would be appreciated. Matt