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  1. The center one, with the orange filter. This is great! Tell me what to do next. Thank You, Stean
  2. DE SOTO, thanks for reply. This is the aluminum piece that bolts to block and takes a spin-on filter. Must be from a '59-'60, not later. Hope you have one of these. Stean
  3. In need of a '59-'60 364-401 oil filter housing.
  4. Pete, I have a left side for '56 dual with #1167751. Doesn't have the -4? Looks like the one in your picture. Stean
  5. Saw a picture of a 49 Cadillac with the underseat heater on both sides. Stean
  6. In need of a hood for 1955 Special. I'm in central Okla, closer the better. Steanson
  7. If still available, I would like to take the back up light kit #981757. Steanson
  8. Just the one long one that goes down. Ditto that you should be the only one to operate that hood. Bob gave a perfect description of how it works. Steanson
  9. On my '55 Special, the Wilwood discs clear both the wires and the original steel wheels WITH a spacer behind them. There is no power assist. A definite improvement in ease of braking. Also have a dual master cylinder. Steanson
  10. contact info was at beginning of video, 2 phone numbers
  11. Sid, google: oil filter adapter enterprises Have used these on two 322's. They come with detailed instructions. Steanson
  12. perhaps the shop only had the transmission? Bob's Automobilia, TTS-538 Stean
  13. Ken, very well said. And Merry Christmas to you!! Stean