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  1. Saw a picture of a 49 Cadillac with the underseat heater on both sides. Stean
  2. In need of a hood for 1955 Special. I'm in central Okla, closer the better. Steanson
  3. If still available, I would like to take the back up light kit #981757. Steanson
  4. Just the one long one that goes down. Ditto that you should be the only one to operate that hood. Bob gave a perfect description of how it works. Steanson
  5. On my '55 Special, the Wilwood discs clear both the wires and the original steel wheels WITH a spacer behind them. There is no power assist. A definite improvement in ease of braking. Also have a dual master cylinder. Steanson
  6. contact info was at beginning of video, 2 phone numbers
  7. Sid, google: oil filter adapter enterprises Have used these on two 322's. They come with detailed instructions. Steanson
  8. perhaps the shop only had the transmission? Bob's Automobilia, TTS-538 Stean
  9. Ken, very well said. And Merry Christmas to you!! Stean
  10. Put one in my 55 Special about 3 years ago. Works well and every fastener hole was a perfect fit. Steanson
  11. Mud, what a fantastic video, great looking car and countryside! The Fireball V8 sounded great, and the driving looked effortless. Stean
  12. PS -- you do not suck at the video business. Please keep filming and sharing. Stean
  13. Ken, the car looks great as is. I know you can't help it, but too much striving for perfection in every detail can rob you of a whole lot of pleasure. Just put friends in that car and drive it every chance you get. Stean