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  1. Bob-Glad that you bought it. I'm not sure why no action for such a long time but obviously that worked well for you. Doc
  2. Mine looks a little better than this one. I have it on Ebay for $9.95. Look under Riveria clock block off plate.
  3. Kind of same here. I used my clock and had an instrument company install a tach for me that looks like factory install. Now I have no need for blank. Ebay listing is for $39.95 so I plan to start listing much lower just to move it.
  4. I should have added email of if any interest.
  5. I have the blank plate that works for 63-65 Riv's and some 63-64 big Buicks when the clock was not ordered. I plan to list it on Ebay soon but maybe somebody here needs one. Let me know if you are in need. I'm not trying to get rich so make an offer.
  6. I have a chance to buy a fully restored (and expensive) 65 so my 64 is for sale. It is blue/silver with original driveline, highly optioned with A/C (cold), cruise, tilt, etc. It has 64 Wildcat wheels and centers along with GS emblems-yes I know no GS in 64. Texas car. or 207-242-8619 I can list all options and send some pictures to those interested. Riviera is in Maine so come buy it and I'll treat you to a lobster dinner before you drive it home.
  7. That seems to means I should look for a nice set of 65 Formula Five wheels and then sell my 64 Wildcat wheels.
  8. So my 64 Riviera has 64 Wildcat wheels and I like the look but they are not perfect. After reading the previous replies it seems like I should try to find a nice set of 65 Formula Five wheels or 64 Wildcat wheels. What else would have the look and fit? The 71 Riviera on page 18 of the July/August issue of the Riview is the type I want.
  9. Gee, you guys are no fun. Me and my friend Bubba were all set to fix it with a couple of cuts and splices. Seriously thanks for the help. My car does have tilt and by moving its position I now have brake lights on both sides. Can you tell me why this is the case. What am I effecting?
  10. The drivers side tail light doesn't work because there is no power to the gray wire. I'm considering splicing this gray wire to the green wire that powers the right side brake light. Would this work or any other thoughts?
  11. Dan from Lars was very helpful with my issue. I have ordered a rebuilt unit that will be the same as the current box.
  12. I have a 64 Riviera that is pretty original but the steering gearbox leaks. It seems like the easiest thing to do is to replace it. I'm looking at Rock Auto which offers the Lars 969 for roughly $100 after core charge. Is this the correct one for my application? Other vendors want $350 or so for what appears to be the same unit. Go with Rock Auto?
  13. I had an instrument restoration shop put a 2 1/16 tach in my clock housing and then ran wires as described above.
  14. OK, job done. Once the starter was removed it was clearly in need of a rebuild. Turning it end to end caused the insides to slide back and forth with a clunk. Obviously things were worn. The flex plate checked out OK so off for a $55 rebuild by a local jobber. It came back looking like new and so far performs just as it should.