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  1. Thanks, nice to meet you Gord, and that's a good looking '65! I have definitely found solace in our basketball team since being here, even ran into Jake Plummer a few times at the bar after our games! Take care, -Justin
  2. That's a really handy search tool, thanks Ed! Those were some good games to watch, and the KU fans I met at the bars were always classy. Our football team has been in its current dismal state for most of my time at CU, pretty sure we'll start making bowl games again as soon as I graduate and don't get the cheap tickets anymore Cheers, -Justin
  3. Hi Ed, Thanks for the great info, I just signed up for the ROA. Looks like an awesome community! My name's Justin, I'm a grad student in Boulder and boat tails have been my dream cars since I was a little kid. (I also love IHC Scouts) I finally found the right Riv last year for a steal, and she has brought me such great joy. And now great pain, since I came home from holiday travel to find that someone rammed her. I look forward to getting her back to nicer shape than before, and am real happy to have found a support group in you guys! Cheers, -Justin
  4. Hi All, I've called all the Denver metro junkyards I can think of and am not finding any boattails around. Do any of you know where I could find a 1973 Riv parts car in the Denver area? I'm mainly looking for a front bumper, headlight/turn signal housing and driver door handle. (See my parts wanted ad over in Buick Buy/Sell for details..) Thanks and Happy New Year!
  5. An uninsured dude hit my clean, straight 1973 Riv the other day. Now I'm in dire need of some front end body parts, preferably in the Denver area. She got smashed right in the driver side front headlight area, so I'm looking for: -Driver front headlight/turn signal molding, trim, lenses, etc -A straight front Bumper, NOS or rechromed would be nice -Maybe a driver front fender -Driver exterior door handle Feel free to hit me up if you know of any boattail parts cars in the Denver Metro, or if you have any of this stuff. She was ready for paint until this, help me get her back to cherry!
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