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  1. you could always use a battery switch like a boat, charge both and only actively use one for running.
  2. ADDED - I have a complete Bench. It does have one small stain but is 100% functional, and even pretty comfortable.
  3. they are going for 140 on ebay, so 100 bucks?
  4. 1939 Buick special 40 running gear for sale. We combined 2 into 1 to get a good car. these parts are off of a driver whose frame ended up being non salvageable, we did save the front clip of the frame. (also available) Complete front Suspension Complete Steering - Excluding wheel Front and Rear Brakes 4 rims Left and Right rear knee shocks Brake Master Also have the Air cleaner and oil bath - Air Cleaner is Sold - or rather Traded. All parts are located in SFL, can be shipped at your expense. I can be reached via 4
  5. yeah auto correct on a phone is a bit brutal with forums sometimes...
  6. okay thanks fella's, I don't even have the braces much less anything else left. my truck floor does look identical though.
  7. Hey Fella's So 1st of many questions. So The guy I bought the car from replaced the forward wall of the truck, or the fire brake between the cabin and the truck with a sheet of 1/4 PT plywood. I'm thinking this is not a great fire brake, and while it is easy to screw into, and I'm sure could make a nice table top somewhere, I think wood really only gets to be in the Chevies, not my poor buick. Can i get any pics of what it is supposed to look like so i can recreate it? Or if you have a line on an origional one that isn't roached to all get out that is repairable. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks Everyone! I dod think the Pre war cars are about the best looking ever made. Now if i can just convince my wife that Bi-plies are safe and the only way to go.
  9. Thanks everyone, I just updated my profile a bit. Yeah I'm in South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale to be specific. I've got 2 complete sets of working running gear, its the bright work and the externals that I'm short of.
  10. Good Morning, afternoon or Evening to everyone depending on where you are and when you read this. I've been a lurker here for a while, but i figured it was time to finally post and say hi. I own 1 and 1/2 1939 series 40 coupes. I always wanted an Art Deco Coupe and this one kind of fell into my lap. I picked up a parts car to help me fix up my own series 40. I'm currently doing some floor pan clean up to get rid of the rust holes and patching up some other panels to get her back on the road for the spring driving season. So if you have any care and feeding suggestions or hints this is my
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