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  1. I am strictly looking for Dealership photos from the late 80s to early 90s. The era was so popular for selling Buick’s. I am surprised the press didn’t take a lot of photos.
  2. Looking for 1987 issues plus 1988 issues. thanks
  3. I am looking for inside Buick Magazines. I wish you had them. I am a Buick enthusiast from cars of the 80s. I am looking for some covers for sale
  4. Does anyone have any Inside Buick Publication Magazines for sale laying around? I am interested and looking for 1987-1989 issues. Please reach out to me if you do.
  5. Go on eBay. There’s a lot of pins and patches from dealerships
  6. Did anyone work at a Buick dealer in 1989 or know a lot about their advertising? I recently bought a copy of the 1989 Buick Ad Planner and thought this would be in there. Buick said they specially printed this back then for advertising but I don’t think it was in magazines before. I am thinking maybe a showroom display poster.... does anyone have a general idea where I can find one?
  7. I have a rare showroom poster with an 1989 Buick Reatta on the front, you don’t see everyday with the 1989 Buick full line on the back. I paid $50 dollars for it and would like to sell it for the same price. I need the money but I don’t know any sources that will buy it. I contacted the AACA Library and Buick Research Center. They already have the poster so they wouldn’t buy it. Does anyone know any forums, groups, clubs, that have Buick Reatta Enthusiasts in them that might want to buy this poster? I really need the money and would like to sell this poster. Only club I can’t afford to join at the moment is Buick Club of America. Any other is good, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  8. I have a rare Dealership poster for sale from my personal collection. They aren’t easy to find and not many were created by Buick. It took me forever to locate this poster when I first heard about it. I really need the money and don’t have use for the poster anymore. I am hoping you would like to buy it for $50. Price is firm because not many were made. I paid more than that because of how rare it is and it’s not one of those posters you’ll ever see often. These are hard to come by. This one is so unique because not many exsists with printed English grammer. Most were made with French grammar. This one is so rare because many Buick Dealer showroom posters never used to advertise with the full model line on the other side of the poster. They mostly made one sided posters during that time. I would greatly appreciate it if you would buy it from me, I wanted to reach out because I know you are one of the most respectable Automotive Literature Dealers online. To be honest I don’t think you will have any issues selling this poster because there are a lot of Buick Reatta enthusiasts out there who are always looking for stuff like this to add to their collection.
  9. I do have the 1989 Buick Press Kit, I didn’t know they had one just for the regal itself. Ever seen one before what it looks like?
  10. MCHinson, I contacted the museum, they said they don’t sell originals, only copies, I am looking for the exact thing. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying litetature specialist or eBay until I make more money to join BCA.
  11. I like that place you found. So when I start making some good money all of this will take place. The only reasonable priced source I have right now is eBay and they never have this stuff since most of those people probably donated because nobody on eBay really wants to buy this stuff,.
  12. When I get a good job, I intend to join...I do think that would help find a lot of Buick stuff.
  13. MCHinson, They want to charge me to locate the information I didn't see on the online catalog since I am not a member.... that's crazy, they want to charge me a fee just to search their warehouse and if they don't have it I paid money for nothing. I know they will probably be asking a lot of money for the literature. So I will just have to wait until I start making more money to join and keep doing the research for the magazines for now. It wasn't all that bad, they have the Buick Advertising planner I been trying to find... In the mean time, If you find anymore places who have the Inside Buicks, let me know.
  14. MCHinson, Thank you... I will contact them to let you know how it went. I made a Word Document with Literature I am looking for including Inside Magazines I am searching...