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  1. I am looking for this training material manual with the VHS TAPES INSIDE.
  2. Ok I just found out that those posters are actually one side, so they are two posters. I only want the poster with the ruby red regal on it because I own the same car. The seller I found with these posters I mentioned above saved them from the trash in the 80s. He said he wouldn’t let them go unless he was offered $60 and he wouldn’t part them they would need to be sold as a pair. The seller was such a dick. I told him I would offer him $50, but he ignored my message. So I don’t know if I will ever find another poster like it. The dude don’t even own the car but he insists keeping it and hangi
  3. I offered one guy $35 for it. He was going to put it in the trash back in the 80s. I told I have that exact Ruby Red Regal on the poster and would love to have this. He don't even own the car, so he just ignored my messages. I have yet to find another one. I don't even know what to search on google.
  4. Does anyone have old car craft magazines in great condition not torn? I need a back copy from 1988 August. if you can help me out I would greatly appreciate your addition to my collection.
  5. How many of you in here have any Inside Buick Magazines? I am looking for 1987-90 issues. I would like to see if you have any I don’t have -1987 Spring - 1988 Winter - 1988-89 Winter - 1989 Spring - 1989 Sumer/Fall - 1990 Winter/Spring - 1990 Fall are all the ones I have...I am not sure how many more I am missing from 1987-90?
  6. Hey Barney, do you mind scanning me over a copy of that letter and can email me a copy? I have this as well but not the letter. Would love to have the letter also.
  7. Damn I wanted that 1984 Spring Inside Buick issue. I am too late😒 I guess you don’t have anymore of the 1988 Winter issue with the Reatta on the cover?
  8. I am strictly looking for Dealership photos from the late 80s to early 90s. The era was so popular for selling Buick’s. I am surprised the press didn’t take a lot of photos.
  9. Looking for 1987 issues plus 1988 issues. thanks
  10. I am looking for inside Buick Magazines. I wish you had them. I am a Buick enthusiast from cars of the 80s. I am looking for some covers for sale
  11. Does anyone have any Inside Buick Publication Magazines for sale laying around? I am interested and looking for 1987-1989 issues. Please reach out to me if you do.
  12. Go on eBay. There’s a lot of pins and patches from dealerships
  13. Did anyone work at a Buick dealer in 1989 or know a lot about their advertising? I recently bought a copy of the 1989 Buick Ad Planner and thought this would be in there. Buick said they specially printed this back then for advertising but I don’t think it was in magazines before. I am thinking maybe a showroom display poster.... does anyone have a general idea where I can find one?
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