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  1. Yeah that's me I'm trying to figure it out on two different forums.
  2. I found a set of old coil springs and this tag is on them. It only has a master number on them the number is 888953.
  3. I'm looking for new under seat heater duct my 1951 Pontiac Cheiftain. I need the fabric round duct work and the oval duct work for the under seat heater.
  4. If all it's done is sit then get it running and try and drive it around the yard first!
  5. Get it running and drive it like it is and enjoy it!
  6. Thanks for the article but the jam nut doesn't have notches in it for a punch. The worm bearing adjusting cap isn't a hex head but a really large flat bladed too like a drag link socket is needed to adjust it. I'll try and take some pictures of it Sunday.
  7. I have no clue of someone has had the steering wheel off. But when the wheels are facing straight ahead the steering wheel is almost a half turn off. My car doesn't have power steering because power steering for Pontiac didn't come out till 1953.
  8. I need to recenter to steering wheel on my 1951 Pontiac Chieftain the shop manual says to use a special worm gear thrust adjuster jam nut wrench so it can be done in the car. I am having trouble finding the wrench it's number is J-1032. I am unsure of the size of the wrench either. Has anyone run to this problem before?
  9. Where can I find molding clips for the front fender spears on my 1951 Pontiac Chieftain?
  10. I'm looking for the front bumper grill guard cross bar for a 1951-1952 Pontiac Chieftain. I have one but it is to long I believe it is for 49-50 Pontiac. The one I have is 33 inches from tip to tip. Going by my 1951 Pontiac Master parts catalog because there are two different ones.
  11. I looking for M38A1 soft top door frames to complete the M38A1 top I mounted on my 1957 CJ5.
  12. What is the difference between 1950-1952 Pontiac front grill guards? Are the center bars different lengths? Because I have two and neither one of the center bars will fit because they are to wide.
  13. If the engine turns over get running and driving first then go from there. You will be more interested in it after you hear that old engine start for the first time. The glass can all be replaced if it's all flat glass then any local glass shop can cut new ones.
  14. That car looks great I wish the paint on my 51 Pontiac looked that good. Mine is a 6 cylinder also they seem to be pretty rare because all the Chieftains I have seen on the internet and in person are 8 cylinders.
  15. If your car has the Pontiac 239 flat head six then it's the same as the American Pontiac's. Because the clutch disk, pressure plate and thowout bearing look just like the one that is in mine and it has the factory 239 flat head six. Are there any part numbers on them?