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  1. No lots of inquiries but no solid bites or they want it for dirt cheap! Thanks for checking Bob!
  2. Here in Michigan Jack , restores are allowed. They are only concerned about the colors and how close they are to the originals. They want to see the plate. I've had people register mine and have never had a problem. Like everything else, it depends on each individual state .
  3. I certainly appreciate the comment.I'm new in the forum and will always accept comments and advice. You are right, however, I find that it's a toss up or personal preference on whether to restore or not restore. I have a great following, repeat customers, new customers and the like. Here in Michigan, I really have no problem with restores. I do them for a lot of classic car owners and collectors and have three perpetual customers in Arizona, New Mexico and Connecticut. I don't collect plates but if it doesn't sell, I'll have a nice collection to sell from!
  4. Thanks Bob! Hope the '34 is to your liking. Got my fingers crossed on this one! Barn
  5. www.classicplaterestoration.com
  6. I have professionally restored a collection of Michigan license plates dating from 1915-1970. All plates have been bead blasted and lacking dents, extra holes, damage and the like. This collection is rare. All plates are as close to the original colors as they possibly can be. I have an information sheet I can email explaining the collection. I will not break this collection up into singles, decades or the like. I will also throw in a '67 cycle plate, 1938 WWI Veteran's plate and a Historic Vehicle plate at no cost. Beautiful, rare, historic, neat but needs a good home, bar, or restaurant. See
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