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  1. Thanks for all the information guys! I had started doing some googling and got confused so I figured it never hurts to ask! Thanks again.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm trying to decode the data plate on the 1955/56 Oldsmobile that I've recently picked up. I've attached the photo of it as well. Reason for the confusion is that when I punch the model number into Google, it gives a 1958 Olds Super 88... Which doesn't make any sense. Details are: Model: 36-38SD Serial: 53639805570 Engine: N9122406 Body Serial:L 64 Trim: 629 Paint: S588 If someone can help me figure out exactly what that data plate says, it'd be very appreciated!
  3. From what I've been told through the family line (and from some photo research into old photo albums) sometime after 1960 the car was in a front end collision. At the time the bodyshop told my grandfather that he could wait for a '55 front end to be ordered in or that they could put a '56 front end on immediately. He liked the look of the '56 front end so went that route. Jack, thanks for the tips and the information. I've seen a few of your threads over there in the last few days but I'll definitely be digging deeper into them.
  4. Thanks for the websites! I'll be digging through them completely. Thanks for the information on Fusick, I noticed some similarities between the sites but wasn't sure which to use. I sent a quick email looking for clarification and got a reply back within 12 hours, which shows significant promise for great customer service.
  5. Thanks for the information. I had been browsing a bit there but haven't joined yet. I've got a few leads on shop manuals, and I feel that I'll be referencing it a lot at the start. Thanks for the contact for the replacement rocker panels!
  6. Hey Guys, I have recently acquire a 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 that is in need of restoration. For references sake, the car is located in Canada. I'm starting my initial research into parts availability, vendors, etc. that go with. The plan is that once the car is home, I'll be completing a frame up restoration on it to renew it to it's original condition. Timeline: 5 years. Part of the incentive behind this is that the vehicle was originally my great-grandfathers, so it has some family history behind it. I'm wondering what members recommend for some reading, recommended vendors for parts, where to get a service manual, and any other interesting tidbits or facts. From my initial research, I've noticed some referring to Fusick as a good parts supplier. What is their reputation here? I've found two websites for them (www.fusick.com and www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com), does anyone know which is the appropriate one? Condition of the car overall is decent, the rockers have rusted out but other than that the car is mostly intact. Some rust through on the hood/fenders/truck bottom but nothing too terrible. The interior only has a single mouse nest in it and some mold. It will be replaced completely. The engine/trans condition is unknown, but some in the family think that it was seized when parked. If the block is good, it will be rebuilt. I'll consider other options at that point in time. I've read a post indicating that Ross Racing engines has some parts for hot rodding/building the engine (and the website indicates so). Assuming the engine block is salvageable, who do people recommend getting a rebuilt kit from? I've attached a picture of the car in it's current location for those who wish to gawk to gawk (and yes, that is an RX7 beside it; there's a 1938 Ford 2 Door Coupe in the shed in the background that the owner is hoping to restore). There is also a mostly complete 1955 parts car that comes with it. The parts car rear ended another vehicle, so some parts aren't there. For the particularly astute, the front of the car is a 1956 front end while the rest of the car is from. Apparently the car suffered front end damage before it was one year old, and the 1956 front end was thought to look better and so was installed. I intend to keep the '56 front end on the '55 car as that's how it has worked it's way through the family. Thanks for any help and information!
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