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  1. I just started a project to rebuild a 33 motor with my son. It only has 25k original miles on it and hopefully wont need a ton of new parts. I would appreciate anyone who has advice on the build, or guidance on parts. I do not intend to keep the car or motor original so not worried about 100% period correct. Just looking to build a solid engine. Ive read a ton of ways to improve and rebuild a 50s stovebolt, but not able to find much on the 33 era motor. I can see mine is definitely different. Again, anyone's 2 cents is much appreciated, especially if you have some experience with this motor. Bob
  2. I want to go to 12 because eventually I want to turn the 33 into more of a hot rod. This engine is just to get it on the road and get some enjoyment out of it. Most everything on the car is gone, so figured it was the time to do the swap rather than replace things twice. It will get a modern wiring harness and many other modern components eventually.
  3. Thanks rusty. I restored a 66 mustang a few years ago so I definatlely learned that one.
  4. I started a rebuild project with my son today. I have a 33 chevy stovebolt on the engine stand. I plan to rebuild it and eventually stick it back in my 33 Chevy Standard. I want to update everything on the engine to 12v and a modern carb. I am wondering if I can just remove the starterator completely, and if there are any other things that simply will not be needed when using newer parts and technology. I'd appreciate any help or other comments you have to offer. Bob
  5. Here are a few pics of the 33 chevy my Son and I started work on. We pulled the engine this weekend and it is on the engine stand in the garage. Our first project is to rebuild the motor and then the trans. I already have a few questions Ill post in the tech section on the rebuild.