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  1. With the problems you described, if the sell doesn't know what the cause is or has no explanation for them and won't let you investigate it farther, then you should assume the worst and the price should reflect that.
  2. Sounds like all I would need then is a Bill of Sale from Alabama. I moved up here from Mississippi. Bought with me several trailers, boats and ATVs. Mississippi doesn't title any of them. Got up here and had to get titles for all of them. Even separate titles for the boats and the engines on them. But that was no problems to do so. DMV just issued them to me.
  3. This law you are talking about seems to be state law. I don't know what state you are in but I don't think it applies here. "Why not cut your losses and sell it to an Indian restorer??" What are these losses you are referring to? So far I'm only in it for $200. Sell now and I know I can make money. Probably the most Wise thing to do. But aren't most restoring projects 'Labors of Love"? There are some who make money doing so, But wouldn't for most to restore (Right) then sell be a loss? You are the one who said: What you have is an Indian Warrior trike. They are quite rare. "Quite Rare" I'm new here but not new to rusty old iron. Little bit of my History: After buying my mimi bike at age 11 with my paper route money while my friends were getting them for Christmas my friends then got Mini trails and then trail 70s. I bought a Honda 65. Try finding one of them. Then at 16 I bought a basket case 650 BSA fully chopped. By 18 I had it running. Had to make a lots of parts myself. Took Machine Shop to do so. Jump a little ahead. Not trying to write a book here. My name to fame is my '78 Ford F250 4WD Extended Cab. They didn't make a lots of them that size in 4WD. It was an old farm truck with every thing on it tore up. In I think it was '98 it won 3rd place in the 'Handy Man Club of America' Truck Contest. I can get you the month and year if needed. Most say the only reason it got 3rd is that the first 2 used products advertised in the magazine. Jumping to now. I have a '50 Buick Special with and in line 8 (not a rare find) A '54 chevy truck. (Who don't have an old Chevy Truck?) I have 5 Ford 'N' Tractors (once again plenty of those to go a round) Got a '76 Harley (Fun, but no big deal) Just a bunch of old iron. I do my own Mechanic work, Sand Blasting and Paint Spraying. The one thing I've always wanted was to find an Old Indian. Never figured I would. If I can Title this thing I know I'll never be able to put an Indian motor back on it. I'd like to put something like an early '70 Honda 360 on it. Might still rattle and shake but I can do something about the smoke and I might get more than 30 out of it. If I can't Title it. I can try to get the engine on it running and ride it around the farm. I've got a couple of Wisconsin 12HP engines and this engine is way bigger. I think I could sell it and get my money back out of it. It's a heck of an engine. If that engine don't work I have four 32 CI four cylinder Military generator engines that I bet only weigh about as much as that one cylinder does and they would do a fine job pushing it around. I can sell this Trike any time. I have a job and pay my Bills. Not Rich, but we get by. Not like I need to sell so we can make ends meet. If in the end I sell it at a loss, so what. I had a rare Indian Trike for a time. I had a nice to me 650 BSA at one time. It's gone now for good. Once I sell this trike, It's gone for good too.
  4. Up Date to how to get a Title in Missouri: Was in Springfield today to drop off my Semi at the shop. The MO HP was just a couple blocks down the road so I stopped by there to get the Low Down. What the Man told me I need to do is go to my County Circuit Clerk and do a 'Petition For Title' for the Circuit Court. He said the Springfield Judge requires you have a Lawyer. But each County is different. He said he believed my County didn't require one. But to check with them and see what they say. The Judge will or can then issue a court order for a VIN. If he does so I then take it down to Springfield were the HP will attach a VIN plate. If denied, I can appeal to a Higher Count in Jefferson City. But I don't think I'll take it that far. Not to hard of a process. Seemed to depend mostly on what kind of a Judge you get I guess.
  5. Wonder if that was the same for Indians? That would explain why there is no numbers on the trike. Just wonder how the DMV will think of it?
  6. It's always been my understanding that they started Titling Vehicles in the late '50s or early '60s. Is that correct? Then you would apply for a title to any Vehicle older than that you owned. Next, I have a Trike that was determined here to had started out as an Indian Warrior Trike. That would date it around '49 to '53. It's been cobbled up and changed to the point it is now a Home Made Vehicle. Is there a such thing as a Home Made Title for a Vehicle? I have them for trailers. But I guess Vehicles may be a different story. I've looked all over it and can find no VIN, Serial number or any number for that matter. Can't even find the make or size of the engine. Guy I bought it from said his Father bought it at an auction about 40 years ago and never did anything with it. There is a plate on it that is a '79. So that would make it more like 35 years ago. I asked the guy about the plate and he said he didn't know if it was plated to the trike or a plate off something else someone just put on it so they could ride it. The Harley I have when I bought it the guy said he owned it for a year. I looked at the title and it was only a month old. He said he just titled it when he decided to sell it. He had put a Honda plate on it to ride it. Which he took off when I bought it. Googling the net I found this reply to some one else asking about how to get a title: "Many years ago a friend bought a harley but the seller never came through with the title. It wasn't stolen, but it ended up the seller never got it from the guy he purchased it from. My friend had to take the bike to the nearest Highway Patrol headquarters where they checked all the numbers and so on. When everything checked out ok, I think he had to return a second time with the bike where they affixed a plate with a new VIN #. He was then able to get it titled. I don't know about any costs, but then again that was many years ago. My suggestion is to contact your nearest troop headquarters for more info." This reply is seven years old. So I guess I'll need to contact the HP and see what they say. I'm thinking I should remove the plate before do so. Any thoughts on that? I'm in the state of Missouri were they believe in titling everything. Any and all thoughts welcome.
  7. I can maybe see it. Googled it and saw other pictures of this trike. I see the engine is a side by side and not a 'V'. What CC is it? What does it have for a transmission and reverse? I'm thinking maybe the gears are with the engine and then the reverse built into the rear end? Picked mine up with my FEL to move it and didn't even think to take pictures under neath. Might pick it up again today just to do that. I know I would never be able to get the right engine back in it. But if I were to try to put a motorcycle engine back in, what would you recommend? I'm thinking maybe a Honda 360 or something like that. Want something that would not be all that hard to come by.
  8. I haven't dug into it deep. But looking at it close up it doesn't look to be hobbed together. Every thing on it looks to be Factory done. I may be wrong. But I do know metal work to some degree. If it was pieced together, some one knew what they were doing. The belts and chain system on it would had taken some doing.
  9. Don't know about the thumbnails. Those are pictures I thought I had deleted. Sorry, I'm new here.
  10. Picked up this trike and have no idea what it is. PO said his Father got it at an auction about 40 years ago. He said he wasn't ever able to find out what it is. First I thought to was a Mutt before going to look at it. [TABLE=class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center] <tbody>[TR] [TD=class: alt1, bgcolor: #E5E4E9]I now think it's all original. May be a Cushman or something. Think it is missing the engine cover. Guy picked it up with a Front end loader. At least two sets of chain drives and three belts. Maybe more. Heck of a motor. Has a starter and generator. Has a distributor that has a metal cap held on with clips like distributor caps on a car to get to the points. Has a round can coil. The voltage regulator said Chrysler Motors. Other than that there are no marking or numbers to ID it.[/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE]
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