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  1. Hello, I am looking for a spark plug cover for my 1937 Buick straight eight 248 motor. I searched on eBay, but I do not want to spend that much on it. Thanks
  2. 37_Roadmaster_C Thank you I will definitely look into it.
  3. Mark Shaw, He did answer my question yes, but can you still look because I want to see how the manual says to do it also(not saying he is wrong just want to see). Thanks
  4. pont35ecp, Thanks for that information. I was looking everywhere I couldn't find anything.
  5. Hello, I searched the internet, and tried using other sources and cannot find anything on how to time a 248 straight eight motor. I didn't touch the timing chain or take it off I just want to make sure when I got the motor it was timed correctly I can see two notches on the gears but how do I know for sure the motor is in the right timing state. Thanks
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