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  1. If you still have the gear.........does this mean it will bolt into a 63 Riviera housing? thanks, len.
  2. Not sure what happened to my first try to post this. Thank you to all who contributed to the threads on clock repair. I've had the car for over 40 years and the clock never worked. Never bothered me in the least until recently, not sure why. Some filing, light machine oil and manually winding the spring for a couple of days and it's 'thunking' once again. thanks, len.
  3. Anyone have feedback on Tri Power Automotive in Libertyville, IL? thanks, len.
  4. Hi George, thank you for responding. The one I have that works, I was hoping to find a tach that is broken beyond repair to salvage the rpm set knob for mine. One of those things that just bugs me to no end for some reason.
  5. Longshot I'm sure. Looking for the knob that controls the rpm setting. If you have a trashed tach with a knob. Would take the clear plastic face as well. Not sure of the years and guessing the Olds/Pontiac ones are the same except for the car maker script. thanks, len.
  6. First, thank you to all the service men and women and their families. Anyone reproducing these spinners? Just kidding. '64 by the tail lights, 0.003 cubic inch motor (.049cc remember airplanes?), runs on methanol/nitromethane/castor oil.
  7. Ah, so not really posts, it's leftover rivet junk. Thank all of you for your help. Like all of you, a long wish list with a short budget.
  8. Should the spinners have both the posts and the tabs? thanks, len.
  9. My slow brain is starting to piece this together. I have one of these rusted out in a parts box. Looks like the little posts that hold the piece in are broken off, hence the glue.
  10. I'm not worthy. Message says my content quota is lacking.
  11. Yeah, when I was scanning for an answer, I saw the truly impressive work he does on the turbines. Makes me want to drive to his house, drop off a blank check and load up the car. Truly remarkable.
  12. It has been many many years since I was last part of the BCA and ROA and I am amazed at what individuals are doing to provide for the car collector industry, kudos to you all. I scanned the forum looking for an answer. I want to get the spinners re-chromed and I need to get the center pieces out hopefully, without damaging them. Looks like some kind of glue/hardened putty. Have a few of these like this. Don't know if this is factory install or a quick and dirty fix. Any ideas on how to get the centers out? Utility knife? Assuming a certain level of success, what would be the best way to reassemble? Don't really want to glue them back in. some type of wide base springs/cork? (with some neoprene sheeting to over the back of the center) Anyone reproduce the steel bands that are riveted to the base to hold the center caps to the turbine wheel? thanks, len.
  13. Hey Turbinator. Are those 63 turbine tri shields you have nos/reproductions/refurbished? thanks, len.
  14. thank you so much for the help. have several leads. thanks, len.
  15. Looking for crankshaft for 1987 Grand National. Would consider a short block. thanks, len.
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