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  1. I have listed this engine on Ebay should anyone be interested. Thanks again for all the help you folks have provided. Mike http://www.ebay.com/itm/Unknown-hit-amp-miss-engine-with-flyball-governor-possible-horseless-carriage-/181650002901?
  2. This engine is going to be for sale. The gentleman that owns it is thinking that the best way to sell it was to find out as much as we could and then list it on Ebay to give anyone interested a chance to buy it. As of yet between this fourm and Harrys old engine site I really don't know any more. I was asked some questions about the governor and the working parts of the cam and such so I did take some more pictures. I was able to determin that the 1 cylinder that is on the engine would be of the hit and miss governing type but if you were to put on the 2nd cylinder that would either be throttle or volume governed OR would have NO Governor at all.
  3. So, I have been asked by a friend of mine (93 years old) if I could help him to identify this engine. He believes that it is an early automobile engine from the horseless carriage era. He has owned this engine for some 75 years and has never had it identified. It was suggested to him at 1 time that it was an early Buick engine but others have said NO. It has brass gears and a brass cam gear. It is a single cylinder but as you can see in the pictures it could be converted to an opposed twin cylinder by bolting another cylinder to the back side. It has an external belt drive flyball governor, I have NOT studied enough to figure out how it works. Also as you can see in one of internal pictures the connecting rod is hinged. The engine is about the size of a wade drag saw engine and is not all that heavy I would guess 100 Lbs. any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Mike
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