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  1. I had someone look at it and they said we're not able to see all the numbers on it, but from the intake it appears to be a 409. They weren't sure about the adaptor either. My father accumulated it, but he's not here to ask about it.
  2. Yes, it is number 88. I have already contacted the auction company regarding their awesome description of "automotive engine" It will be edited this week.
  3. Click on the auction below to view items for sale. ONLINE only auction. VIEW date: Monday January 5. 1-3pm. Beltsville, Maryland PICK UP date: Saturday January 10, 11am-3pm Some things we are selling (everything needs TLC) 1965 Ford Fairlane with parts and seats Chevy truck Chevy 409 engine block (3844422 GM4) Miscellaneous auto parts Lots of items!! http://stouffersauctionco.hibid.com/catalog/52633/online-only-wardlaw-living-estate-auction--2?cat=0&sort=1&hide=0&qs=0&view=0&aView=0&q=&selCat=0