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  1. Hi Charles! So the 9630 was for the 6-cyl...i have the 8 cyl. Did the Pontiac use the same pump on both engines at the time or six cylinder model pump was installed by somebody between me and the factory? And also i have the other Chieftain (as for parts), i removed the garburator, disassembled it and everything matches with Carter WCD except casting number on the throttle body which says 1-1148. (there is some strange differences on the throttle body)I have been thru many pages and catalogs and cannot trace that number for some reasonas to Pontiac at the time! Your help is greatly appreciat
  2. Removed the oil pan and Holy Molly, whatever it was in there, if i would be close enough to it, most likely it would have bitten me! I had to drag the damn thing out with the force! Seems that engine has been rebuild at one point and whatever fell in oil pan was left there and the pan and filter looked like they have never been cleaned in 60 years. Found one connecting rod bolt and two split valve retainers in the sludge which literally stretched as a chewing gum! Gas tank was cleaned and sealed most likely by previous owner, so no worries just fuel sending unit was about to fall apart! Toke
  3. I pretty much was able to move every single one of them without any force literally back and forth, Plastigauge most likely will give some answers! I thank you very much for all the input to my questions, learning thru every word from your replays! Will keep you posted! Drained the oil yesterday and it sure looked like a roof tar! There was quite a bit of sludge in a oil pan and filtering system was half way clogged as well! Had to do all this on my back under the car on the jacks and my nose against the frame! :cool: Got a lot of paperwork from the previous owner, so have to make a little
  4. Hi helfen! I removed the oil pan and tried to move the connecting rods and they were really moving side to side without much of an effort! So, the question is does that mean i need to rebuild the whole engine or just change the connecting rod bearings? Thank you! Mart
  5. Nice looking car indeed! Good luck with the project! Great words from Charles...Pontiac wasn't lying about the 100,000 miles, if they would only know that a lot of those cars are still on the road today, price most likely would have been three times of that what they used to sell them for! :cool:
  6. Hi there! Finished carburetor today and will be driving to NY tomorrow, gas tank will be next to come off the car and so on one step at the time until i can hear the hearth of the beauty ticking again! Quite cold in my neck of the woods, must be brutal around where you are! Enjoy the winter!
  7. Hi helfen! This is definitely most wise way to go, i mean to remove the oil pan and clean out whatever doesn't belong there! I will be doing it in next few days in upstate NY, where the car is located at the moment in the garage at the 15 degrees! Driveway has a quite a slope in front of the garage, don't want to take a risk trying to get the car on the trailer without having much of a control over it! Finished carburetor today....oil pan, gas tank, fuel lines.....too many things to list before i can crank it up, drive it to the trailer and get it to Boston Youhaa....will be cold but a fun fe
  8. This is how i bought the car, by that picture! Will take a lot of elbow grease and learning to get it to the shape as it looks on the picture! What doesn't kill you makes you restore a old car i guess! :cool:
  9. Hi Joe! Valuable information indeed! I would have missed quite few of the points on the list you posted! And yes, patience is the very important ingredient in this matter! Thank you! Mart.
  10. How much of a help can i get out of the 1949 Pontiac Fisher body manual for my 1954! They sure have many difference but seems like not much of an options out there to grab!
  11. I have the 1954 Faxon Master parts catalog, the one thing what i definitely don't see there is the front parking light assembly for my Chieftain! The car was at the Nostalgic Restoration in PA and was brought back in pieces, front parking light buckets are definitely not parts of that car! Can you post a picture of the front parking light assembly if your catalog has one in it! Thank you!
  12. Hi lalautze! As much as i know the engine worked last time around 5-6 years ago! I pulled out the oil stick, oil looked pretty clean! The oil plug trick is definitely a wise on! As far as the car has been sitting for few years whatever information the oil may have is most likely sitting in the sludge in the oil pan! Thinking to make a little hook out of the wire and try to scrape some sludge out thru the plug hole to see if it has some small metal particles or whatever information i can get out of by visual inspection! Quite cold here in Boston tonight, Michigan must feel like a Siberia at th
  13. Hello Helfen! Thank you for your input, it makes a lot of sense as i am the freshman to the old engines! And a good article about the oil system! I made a little research about installing the external oil filter and after weighing all what has been said i got quite valuable lesson that the modern oil filters restrict the flow of the oil and only the high flow areas will get proper lubrication! Been following many of your posts as well as Charle's and really learning many good lessons off of them! Thank you very much!
  14. Can i just replace the oil in the engine at the moment or would it be wise to remove the oil pan first and get it cleaned before trying to start it up?
  15. I live in Newton MA and i have not brought the car home yet from Warwick NY. Rebuilding the carburetor at the moment, most likely need to change all the liquids and remove the gas tank to be cleaned! After will get it on the trailer and haul it home!
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