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  1. FYI: Not to apply pressure, but to avoid potential problems... If I get the first bid on EBay, I am obligated to sell to the EBay bidder. If someone from the forum PayPal's the money BEFORE the first EBay bid, then I can take down the EBay auction and avoid the double jeopardy.
  2. BTW, I also have these up for auction on EBay at a slightly higher price.
  3. I'm just discovering all these classic Buick forums to get my spotlight-mirrors into the right hands. I’m an old Lincoln guy (1960 Lincoln Breezeway), but I know the trouble of finding period correct accessories for these old cars – especially genuine pieces. About 4 years ago, I saw a matching pair of genuine Unity combination spotlights and mirrors for mid-50s Buicks, so I bought them and stored them away. I always figured that I would someday get a mid-50s big Buick, so these would come in handy. I paid over $120 for them several years ago. They are really cool. They are period correct and are the real thing and not a Chinese aftermarket repro. They were made specifically for Buick by Unity, and have 3-hole mounting brackets that fit ONLY 1954 and 1955 Buick Special and Century models. (They also fit ALL models of Olds from 1954-56, which evidently had similar design.) They are doubly unique in that they ALSO have rearview mirrors mounted on them – they are not just Unity spotlights. Well, we’re having to downsize (retirement), and I’m getting rid of parts that have accumulated in my garage attic, and I have this matching pair for sale for $80 plus you pay shipping (best is by Large FlatRate at $17.90 anywhere in CONUS). While the spots can be fit to other cars (using different brackets), it’s these specialized mounting brackets that make these unique, and I’d really like someone who has a 54-55 Buick to keep them “in the family” – so I think the price is really reasonable. I think they are a fairly easy to recondition, especially for guys who know about old cars and work on them. Thanks.