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  1. FYI: Not to apply pressure, but to avoid potential problems... If I get the first bid on EBay, I am obligated to sell to the EBay bidder. If someone from the forum PayPal's the money BEFORE the first EBay bid, then I can take down the EBay auction and avoid the double jeopardy.
  2. BTW, I also have these up for auction on EBay at a slightly higher price.
  3. I'm just discovering all these classic Buick forums to get my spotlight-mirrors into the right hands. I’m an old Lincoln guy (1960 Lincoln Breezeway), but I know the trouble of finding period correct accessories for these old cars – especially genuine pieces. About 4 years ago, I saw a matching pair of genuine Unity combination spotlights and mirrors for mid-50s Buicks, so I bought them and stored them away. I always figured that I would someday get a mid-50s big Buick, so these would come in handy. I paid over $120 for them several years ago. They are really cool. They are period correct a
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