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  1. This is a general question regarding pvc piping. I believe my 1952 Holden originally had a textured piping which consisted of a vinyl cloth over a former. PVC extrusion did not start in Australia until after 1950 and most cars (early Holdens) these days have the smooth PVC fitted after restoration. So my question is: If PVC was not available in Australia until after 1950, was it possible that it had been imported, perhaps from the US, or is it most likely that the textured piping is correct? I assume welting was used on GM cars of the era and wonder what type was used in the years from 1948 through to about 1953?
  2. Has anyone seen an adapter like the one shown, and if so, where may I find one to buy? Circa 1948, shown in GM workshop manual (Holden). It will be 1/4"NPT all round, I imagine, or maybe 1/8"NPT on LH connection, as the tell-tale switch is 1/4"NPT and engine connection is 1/4"NPT.
  3. I can see you are correct Rusty. They seem to be a mix from, perhaps, the ones used on a '39 Chev to a '40 or later. The only difference I can see, from initial investigations, is that the parking light on my reflectors is close to the centre, near the headlight globe, rather than near the circumference. I have found two Guide catalogues from Don's Bulbs which make it clear that US had T3 models from 1940 on, sealed beam, but sort of match a mix. I will photograph mine in the near future and post just to see if there might be more information forthcoming. From my part no. 925756 it would seem the ones shown above, from ebay and elsewhere are closer from the bucket to door but differ in the lense and reflector dept. Anyone know of a Guide catalogue from the mid '40s? the Holden was developed post war and released 29 Nov 1948.
  4. '38/39 Chevy COE truck also has the 682 (682-C?) Guides, but they still have the small light bulb and reflector rather than the sealed beams. '36 REO (Car) has the Guide Headlights
  5. Guide Part No: 925795, Model No: 622-36, GM part No is: 926023 From Ebay - This is a start... BUCKET ASSEMBLIES These are original Guide Lamp Division General Motors Corp NOS COMPLETE ASSEMBLIES. Guide Part No: 925795, Model No: 622-36 in original boxes. The GM part No is: 926023. They fit the Buick, Olds & Pontiac cars. These are a sealed beam unit. From another site... (http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1948-51-oldsmobile-head-lamp-assy-%E2%80%93-nos.954363/) They fit 1948 Oldsmobile only Model 98, 1949-50 Oldsmobile All Models and 1951 Oldsmobile only Model 88. They also fit Buick, Chevrolet and Pontiac automobiles but you need to check what specific models they fit.
  6. When looking for parts on the interweb, it never ceases to amaze me at the apparent knowledge that people have in their heads but never document for others to use. Case in point...... Guide branded headlamps. My cars, whilst substantially made in Australia, used Canadian Delco Remy electrics, then Bosch, Canadian wheels for some time, AC gauges, and American know-how. They were a GM product after all. The engine was developed from an Opel 6 cylinder. It had Guide 7" headlamps GM part no 925756, for the assembly, fitted from 1948 to sometime in 52 or 53 when they changed to Lucas. Lots of cars had Guide headlights fitted so, I thought, my particular lights will have been fitted to another car, a Chev most likely, as they wouldn't have made something specially for the Holden. But there doesn't seem to be a source for finding out which light models were fitted to which car model? If there is please inform me and I'll pull my head in but here is a chance. If and when you know, please document here, which Guide Headlights are fitted to your car. And if you think you know where I can get a set for my cars please PM me . When I do find something it will say, "may fit Buicks, DeSoto's" etc of the time. Not much help when you don't know what was fitted to those cars. Please help relieve my frustration. (Next on my quest will be Delco Remy electrics as you cannot get parts for starter motors here anymore and I will need to raid my US friends supplies.)
  7. Yep. Now I know what it is I have found it here for $2.30 per foot. Not too bad considering it can be fairly weighty and postage from to US can be expensive over 4lbs.
  8. Thanks, I would never have guessed that was the same stuff:). Paul
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a supplier of cloth tubing. I can best describe its appearance as 3/4" firehose. I have found the black asphalt stuff but it's not quite right. A woven modern equivalent is polyethylene but it doesn't have the "look". The application is from the headlight, under the guard into the engine bay on my 1952 Holden. As it is most like a Chev I hope someone may know something similar? Paul in Australia
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