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  1. Batteries also available at Tractor Supply!
  2. Location? Column shift or floor?
  3. I finally got a good running carb! It's a 37 carb but will work till I finally get the proper one!
  4. He did Mine for a 38 Pontiac,,,Outstanding!
  5. Carbking do You have a good 401S for sale or do You rebuild them? Very interested!
  6. Anyone using Pertronix ign? Do You recommend it? Does the engine perform better? Solid core plug wires?
  7. What is the preferred carb for the 38 6 Flathead I have 2 Carter W-1 and 2 Carter WA-1 All seam to need rebuilds
  8. You have to be careful of fact vice opinion. Correct engine color green avail from Bill Hirsh, the raised Indian on the block is red. Theres a wealth of info here ,just hard prying it out of them!
  9. ratfink

    Old Medal

    I found this old medal as a child around 1965 in Maine! any info would be appreciated
  10. ratfink

    Old Medal

    I found this old medal as a child around 1965 in Maine! any info would be appreciated
  11. I need a plug wire separator for My 38 Pontiac 6DA ,I have the metal bracket that bolts to the block! Thanks
  12. My 38 runs fantastic all day long,however in the Morning the first start requires starter fluid! Any ideas?
  13. Does Anyone know if 38 Pontiacs had wide white walls? were they an option? I have them on Mine and love them! Some of My AACA friends think I should lose them!
  14. I actually drove My 38 today! got an alignment. Then instead of going home went for a ride to show a couple of Friends! Bring on spring, bring on the car shows, Not a show car, but it is my car!It will be driven regularly!
  15. This is My 38 and the all important parts car!
  16. Got My 38 running today! Now to reassemble and drive!
  17. Glad to see another real driver! Welcome My Friend.
  18. Time someone made one! I'd be interested in purchasing one if reasonable!
  19. What comes in the1938 Pontiac tool kit? I am trying to set up a display!
  20. This is a tough crowd, So ,anyone here interested in Pontiacs?
  21. Let Me be the first to wish all my silent Friends ( I know Your out there!) A Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Gary in Alabama 1938 Pontiac 2dr sedan going to get another 38 sedan tomorrow!
  22. Surely at least one of You has a ground cable attached to Your car.
  23. This is a hard bunch ,I try to stir them up once in a while. I have a six but it's not on the road yet. You have a nice looking car,must be fun getting parts over there!
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