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  1. Could you ask the people with the full size car to send you a video of the part you need info on. Just a thought.
  2. The carriage was always known as the saddle when I was an apprentice.
  3. Thanks. Did the same sort of thing with mine but had a lot more spokes to deal with and sometimes got it wrong and had to do it again. Second wheel was much easier
  4. I am interested in how you worked out the 'offset' for the first spoke. This is how you indexed the rim to the hub and which hole you used to set the sequence for the rest of the spokes. I found it a little difficult the first time I did it. Gerry
  5. Sorry, I meant 20 thou. Used brass wire not rod. The spokes on my full sized hot rod are 3.8 mm and they were chosen as they are thicker than normal for this kind of wheel.
  6. Roger. 1/8th wire wheel which I made for a hot rod model. If I can do this, you should be able to do it will ease. Spokes were 12 thousands of an inch. Had to make a rotary milling table to do the rim and hub holes. Used Gerald Wingraves book as a reference and information on how to do it, but did modify his method to my way of doing things. Gerry
  7. Roger. We just got a 54 Hydromatic Jetaway from a Olds NintyEight for a rebuild. Its only the 3rd one we have ever seen. Is there any info on them available. I seems to remember they have a Torque converter and also a fluid coupling inside the front of the transmission. Any info would be welcome Gerry
  8. You could try placing the letters on some low tack double sided tape and then on the trunk lid first!
  9. This stuff is brilliant. I have used it to glue windows in a model car. It stays liquid until you hit it with the UV light, so you can remove it before its cured. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-Second-Fix-Liquid-Plastic-UV-Seal-Wood-Glass-Fabric-Welding-Kit-Fix-Repair/163038439545?hash=item25f5d92879:g:sBEAAOSw8~JbK1fy:rk:21:pf:0
  10. Taking measurement to make sure its straight and true, before you paint it.
  11. I check in most days. Think there is a lot of people like me, who do.
  12. I did wonder how your were going to 'colour' the pipes. I did not consider using solder to turn them to a bright metal colour. Simple but effective. Well done, yet again for some logical thinking.
  13. Almost a shame to cover up all that superb metalwork with paint. Looks incredible.
  14. Agree to differ on the point about 1/12th and tiger strokes, but if Roger doesn't want the cleaning up, then thats good enough for me.
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