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  1. I like the ingenious AC compressor belt adjuster, and the nice looking wing nut on the radiator bracket. Are finned sections below the front of the intake manifold "standard or optional" ?
  2. I agree with Ed agreeing with Jim.
  3. Hi Rich. If you run in to any problems feel free to contact me. Cheers, Dale.
  4. Hi Rich. The mods are really quite straight forward, and not too time consuming. The bracket is a common universal multi holed strip bent to shape, usually supplied with replacement antennas. Shortening the OE bezel is simply judicial application of a friendly hacksaw !! Insulating the mast requires a little care, but shouldn't prove insurmountable. Hope this helps. Cheers, Dale.
  5. Ed and Bill, thanks for the kind comments. The two main points to fit it are to shorten the bezel (underneath) so the antenna will fit through far enough for the Hirschmann nut to fit, then an insulator sleeve needs to be fitted between the nut and bezel. If you look closely at the bezel picture you can just make it out. This is to insulate the mast from ground, as the bezel is directly grounded to the fender. I'm fortunate enough to have a lathe, and turned a sleeve out of some bar stock nylon . One other point - I initially tried securing the bottom of the antenna as original, IE, to the closing panel. Soon gave up on that, and simply fitted a bracket to the inner fender. Wiring diagram comes with a new antenna, and is fairly straight forward. Hope this is of some help. Cheers, Dale.
  6. Hi Ed. Replied a while ago, but somehow managed to delete it. The antenna I used was a Hirschmann " Hit Auta 2040", which may now be replaced by "Hit Auta 2050" . I've fitted these to other cars, they have been quite reliable, and are regularly posted on Ebay. A couple of (non-visible) mods need to be done, and I'll be happy to share with anyone interested. Cheers, Dale.
  7. Hi all. I fitted a fully retractable Hirschman antenna to my '64 some time ago. There is plenty of room, and I utilized the stock fender bezel. It is, however, automatic, extending and retracting via radio "On/Off ", Cheers, Dale.
  8. Dale 3

    RHD 1965

    Further to my comments in my reply to Rodney re "Well it starts and runs" , the RHD car is currently for sale by " Premium Classic Cars" UK. A bit of history is included in the listing, for anyone who may be interested. Cheers, Dale.
  9. Well done Rodney. Looks really good (the car, not sure about the bloke in glasses !) I'm sure you'll be pleased when you finally get to drive it. Do you need a special permit for LHD ? Years ago I remember reading in one of the British weeklies of a RHD conversion, done by Ruddspeed, if memory serves, of a '65. They cut the column below the dash and ran a shaft via bevel boxes across between the two, I believe. Not suggesting you get that drastic, though !! I know in NZ some Cadillacs were done, but used a chain as a coupling. Cheers, Dale. (ex-pat Kiwi)
  10. Hi Bill. I purchased one some time ago, assuming it would be a bolt in - it wasn't ! I had to do a bit of metal work also, finding exactly the same as you have. It seems there must have been some differences in the seats, although I don't know of a change point. Once in place it is an extremely nice addition. Mine's a '64. Cheers, Dale.
  11. Apologies for my previous post. I missed the notification, and was unaware of the spam issue. Something obviously had to be done, and as things improve we should be OK.
  12. Does anyone know the resistor values for the rear defrost resistor, or, better still, does anyone have one for sale ? Thanks, Dale.
  13. What a complete mess ! Who on earth decided to change the format to something virtually incomprehensible ?
  14. Thanks Rodney. My comment was strictly tongue in cheek. I always felt "technician" was just a polite euphemism to elevate "mechanics" out of the dirty fingernail brigade. I was never ashamed of being a Mechanic. I must agree with the fact that some people should never be let loose under the hood (bonnet) of a car. When so called Free Trade with the US opened up the import of vehicles here we got many Jaguars with some of the most appalling repairs, obviously not done by properly trained Techs. We are extremely fortunate to have this Forum. With the friendly attitude,and wealth of knowledge being shared, Riviera owners can always get answers. Cheers, Dale.
  15. Hey Rodney. Why the slight about "technicians" ? I started out in NZ as an Auto Electrician, courtesy of Mr Lucas. Came to Canada many years ago, and as there was no such category, I became a "mechanic" then after quite a while, when working for Jaguar, I became a "technician" overnight. I'll have you know my expertise more than doubled that night !! (Salary didn't ! )
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