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  1. That was a good idea. I beleive that my grandpa attached a rope around the car and just lifted it on the trailer with his excavator. Although, I really don't want him to do that again xD as I'm afraid it may damage the Pontiac.
  2. Well first off, my funds are fine. I have a good 3K saved up, and a summer job... Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not remember stating in this thread that I was short on money? And for the facilities, as I said in a above post I do have a shop (That can fit 3 vehicles). When my dad passed away he left me with a shop with a shop that has quite a few tools in it, and 2 Toyota 4runners. Plus I live about 30 seconds from my grandpas place, so I can borrow what ever tools that he has collected within the 50+ year's. The 57 Chevy was nice, but he wouldn't budge on the price. I wanted to work on th
  3. Cool, thanks for letting me know the year of the truck. Not as old as I would of liked, but I think it will be great considering I live in the country. The truck does run, but I remember when my dad had it it would over heat a lot. I may take it to my local mechanic (He is a pretty good friend of my grandpas) and have him look it over to tell me what needs to be done to it. Also, would it be okay for me to use metal from a newer truck (A toyota 4runner) to patch up the rusted spots on the Ford? As I really don't want to use Bondo
  4. Theres my great grandpas old Ford f 150 that I was told I could have. Not %100 sure on the year (I'm assuming late 60s, or 70s) There's some rust on it, but I should be able to fix it pretty easily. What do you guys think?
  5. I think what I'll do is in the summer, get someone to tow it down and put it in my shop. I have room for 3 vehicles, so I can put it in there and work on it when I can, or wait till I'm a bit older. Either way, it would be great to get it undercover.
  6. I'll take 1 last look at it today... (Although at this point it's kind of pointless) I was really looking forward to working on it My grandpa doesn't think that it's that big of a deal. He said just to take the seats out and weld a new floor on, but I think that could be pretty unsafe if done incorrectly xD I'll keep looking. There is a pretty nice 65 Mercury pick up for sale- http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/kamloops/1965-mercury-pick-up/1057652853?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true There is also an old Jaguar sitting in front of a guys house, which has been there for at least 2 years (Has n
  8. So, I'm pretty sad and pissed right now...Seeing that he car is up at my uncles, to really hard for me to get a ride up there.All the snow is finally gone. And my cousin came up today so that gave me a good excuse to go and visit.I opened the hood, to find that quite a few parts are missing (From people) I took the chain off of the door to open it, and the floor is completly rotten... So, right now it seems as if my classic car dream is dead ( for now ) I'll post some pics. Is there any way I could fix the floor?
  9. HI! I am really sorry for being so inactive. The holidays came very fast, so I've been busy with family, homework and all that kind of stuff. I have decided to give the Pontiac a try, but I've been tryi not to think about it too much. As I can't do anything with it until the snow melts. Hopefully it will all be gone by May ( it can be my summer project, and I can also get a summer job to fuel this project ) I found out the model of the car (checked out the original papers on the vehicle) it's a 1957 4 door pathfinder deluxe. I've got big plans for this some may not come true, but I can alwa
  10. I would think it would be fine, but I would recommend to take the time and use a scrub brush and some good soap.
  11. Well, I see that most of you guys think that the car is a POS. But, I think it's more about me being able to spend some more time with my grandpa and him showing me all the things that he has learned (As he is already in his 80s) He wont be around for ever. This might make me sound Naïve and cocky, but I think that I could fix the car up and get looking half decent for around $4500. I'm not going for a trophy car, Just something I can have fun with. If I get over whelmed I can always park it in my Garage and leave it for a few years until I am a bit older. I have a welder, Sandblaster, Air co
  12. http://www.digitalcarpainter.com that's for your computer. They also have an app on the AppStore called Digital Car Paint. I hope this was what you were looking for.
  13. After dinner, I'll hop on my computer and post some better information on it
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