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  1. Hello , are these fenders still available ? Where are you based ? Are you able to ship ? Thank you. Barry Taylor
  2. Thanks for your replies. Yes I rather like the wooden spoke wheels, the car isn’t original , it was cut down into a roadster pick up many years ago and the wooden wheels suit it. There is a wheel wright down here which I will contact and take it from there, in the mean time the offending wheel has had the ethylene glycol treatment
  3. I have wooden spoke wheels which have some slight movement where the small round section of the spoke goes into the steel rim . Trying to decide which way to go, have them rebuilt or change to wire wheels . Is it possible to find brake drum / hub assemblies and wire wheels . Any thoughts / ideas would be appreciated, thanks
  4. c49er . Your last photo is the filter housing which I have , but the center part had no metal pipe. Some one has obviously changed it in the past . I would like one of those if any one has a spare. Thanks for all the help guys.
  5. My filter has the anti drain back flap in it , the oil is draining back through the center hole . I have fitted a pipe into the steel fitting which the filter screws onto , it extends up into the filter about 3 ins, so this should fix the problem.
  6. Yes that is the same as mine , I guess a previous owner has changed it.
  7. The filter is a modern screw on type which screws down onto the the housing ., ( up side down ) possibly off an industrial engine ? c49er the lower part of my housing is like your photo ,but the top section is flat with a steel fitting which the filter screws on to. Thank you for all the replies
  8. c49 er. -- Grimy Yes that is what I have . I think some thing is missing . If I remove the filter after the car has been sitting over night it has drained out ,---- completely empty. If there is no drain back valve available I intend to fit a piece of 7/16 tube into the steel fitting the filter screws on to, about 4in long , which will extend up inside the center of the filter and stop the oil from draining out.
  9. Rusty Thanks for your reply. I am concerned the filter will drain when the engine is switch off and will need to refill , therefore taking longer to get oil to the bearings etc when re started.
  10. I have a 251 cu in. 6 cyl engine with a full flow oil filter which screws on to an aluminium housing . Should there be a valve to stop the filter draining when the engine is not running.
  11. Viv Thank you for your reply , l value your thoughts and suggestions. This is my first Chrysler, you are right they used many parts which do not interchange between the various models. I have much to learn. Barry
  12. WTB Chrysler 72 3.58 rear end gears , ring and pinion or complete center . Would need to be shipped to CA if available in USA . Come on guys, someone must be able to help , I would consider other ratios between 3.5 and 4.3 to 1 Thanks
  13. Spinneyhill. Thank you , I also thought it would be a simple straight forward task, but alas it is not to be.
  14. I checked the chrome shaft , it is .865 ( .010 to small, loose In the stub ) So back to the search. Needs to be ground finish to .875. So where to buy this in NZ ?
  15. Spinneyhill your king pins appear to be very similar to my 29 Chrysler.Very complicated way to remove the cotter pin , normally a hammer and punch will shift them.My thrust bearings are the same, they cleaned up and feel good so will be re used, I bought bronze bushes from the local bearing suppliers, drilled the hole and used the die grinder to make a small spiral groove for the grease. Intending to make my own king pins, can source some 7/8 chromed medium tensile shaft, but not sure if this is suitable, what do you think?
  16. Sasha39 Thank you, just what I needed , it all makes sense now.
  17. Mike Thank you for your reply. A complete carrier with ring and pinion and bearings etc would be fine. It needs to be a good usable unit , and must be 3.58 to 1 ratio ( not sure of the tooth count ). What is your asking price? would need to be shipped to Ca . Email BRTAYLOR@XTRA.CO.NZ Barry.
  18. Can someone tell me how the front shock strap attaches to the bracket one the front axle. I believe there is some kind of wedge that locks it in place. Some photos would be a great help. Thank you
  19. 3.58 to 1 ratio ring and pinion p#736267 , or complete with carrier assembly p#76612
  20. 3.58 to 1 ratio ring and pinion p#736267 , or complete with carrier assembly p#76612
  21. Pre 39 Chrysler thank you for the offer, I have purchased 2 x nos axles.
  22. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Will stay with 4.3 for now .
  23. Thanks Joe , have just ordered one .
  24. 32stude. It appears you have the axles I need. Probably should continue this by email .My email is. BRTAYLOR@XTRA.CO.NZ. I found your email on a previous post , is it still. allaboutas@aol.com ?
  25. I have recently bought a 1929 Chrysler 65 . Which parts interchange manual would best cover this car?
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