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  1. Thanks all for the info. To clarify, the seat and gas tank are out already. Floor cover is out too. It's down to bare metal inside. Surprisingly the floor looks really good. The seat will get taken down to bare metal, probably repainted, then new foam and cover. I plan to do some sort of spraying of the floor before I put down a new floor cover and put the seat and gas tank back inside. I'll give the blasting some thought. Not sure who to talk to about that around here. Will a local body shop do that sort of thing?
  2. Question for you all: I just inherited a 1957 Chevy truck that belonged to my grandfather. It sat in the barn for 34 years before I pulled it out a few weeks ago. It was a mess of rat's nests, rat poop, etc, and was pretty disgusting when I got ahold of it. I've since taken out the seat and gas tank and gave the inside a good cleaning to at least have a good place to start on the interior. My question is this: if I could seal off the dash area reasonably well, would there be any harm in pressure washing the interior of the cab to get that last little bit of "funk" out of there before I recoat the floor and put the seat and gas tank back in the cab? TIA
  3. Thanks all for the information. Great help. And yes the tires are coming off. Amazingly they held air to get out of the barn and for the ride home, but they're pretty badly cracked and very unsafe for driving. Thanks again.
  4. Howdy folks. I am now the proud owner of a 1957 Chevrolet 3100 stepside pickup. It belonged to my grandfather - bought it new and drove it for several years before parking it in his barn in 1980. It sat there until last Sunday when I pulled it out, put it on a trailer, and towed it home. This is a super special rig to me and is another connection that I'll always have with my grandfather who passed away 5 years ago. He supposedly had the engine rebuilt and put new tires on it before backing it in the barn in 1980. According to my dad, he put a bit of Marvel mystery oil in each of the cylinders before putting the plugs back in place. The fan turns, not easily, but it does move a bit. I'm looking for input on what to do to the cylinders before touching off the engine. Add a little more mystery oil, some regular engine oil, or some compound altogether? Other things I plan to do are change all the fluids, rewire most or all of the electrical system, replace all belts and hoses, and entirely redo the brake system. The body's pretty darn straight with only a couple of tiny patches of rust. Anyway enough rambling. Thanks for the feedback on the best way to lube up the cylinder walls before turning the truck over after sitting so long for the first time.