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  1. No WAS SALE EVER MENTIONED ANYWHERE? I thought maybe someone would enjoy seeing how something was ACTUALLY BUILT. However I will give you... it should be in Olds LOL I ran across some pics of a Saturn Yellow GSX I looked at earlier today and have buicks on my mind... is there a moderator who can move it?
  2. Very Original car with under 3000 miles yes 3 thousand miles. Original paint and many other original finishes Under the carpet the rubber floor boards had the original paper overlay on some of them. The V8 case is Aluminum, cast in a foundry used by GM until the mid 80's. Web link to album https://plus.google.com/photos/112392262205377424364/albums/6073382908417258017?banner=pwa; The cylinder cases are cast iron but look to have a zinc paint or lead coating or maybe a anti-fouling paint on them.
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