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  1. Thank you all for the input. Looks like I'll keep it. I like Ken's Deep Blue 73!
  2. Im doing the body work on my 1973 Buick Riviera. I am keeping the car stock, wheels, interior, carb, etc. There is some body trim that runs the entire length of both sides, about 3 inches below the top of the front fender. Its not perfect, and may look better without. Does having it or not having it have any bearing on the worth of the car? thank you in advance. Greg
  3. Yes, that diagram looks familiar...but does the emergencey brake lever go on before the adjuster arm, or the other way around? Thnaks Greg
  4. I have all of the parts laid out, and don't remember where things go, besides the shoes.
  5. I took my rear brakes apart last year on my 1973 riviera, and lost my phone which had the pictures of the disassembly proceedure. Anyone have any expertese? I have the shop manual, but the photo in it is different than mine
  6. I need advice on removing my door window to replace the felts...please
  7. Is there an easy way to get my side window out without taking the entire power window assembly out? I cant reach the screws on the door edge that holds the window felt in place...the window is in the way