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  1. Great pictures.....would like to have been there. Nice to have members like you to take the time to show pics for others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lebowski------probably 10 years or so. It was restored then sold to my friends uncle.
  3. Thanks Terry. Thats what I had come up with also . Now I just need to find the car!!!
  4. John----I called the office last week , at your suggestion, and have not heard from them yet. Thanks.....Coalter
  5. thanks so much 55er!!!!! The serial number for this car is B55B208891 Any suggestions? Thanks again for your help......
  6. thanks so much 55er!!!!!
  7. I am trying to find a certain Chevy station wagon for a friend. I have the serial no. but there is some question about the first character in it. I know that it was not a Bel Aire. Either a 150 or a 210. It was a four door wagon. Does anyone know if Chevrolet made a four door wagon in the 150 series in 1955? "A" first character would be a 150. "B" first character would be a 210. Any help would be appreciated!!!! Coalter Paxton oldgoat@paxtonwarehouse.com
  8. I am trying to find a certain 1955 Chevy station wagon for a friend. I have the serial number. Somebody please tell me where I could begin a search. It's a shot in the dark I know. I know the color, model, etc. and know that it was restored several years ago. The restorer has no idea where the car is. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS VERY MUCH!!! Coalter Paxton, Wilson, NC
  9. What does it mean if your post does not have a black dot before it? Thanks.
  10. Anyone out there have a 1988 Hershey wooden nickel stashed away? Thanks very much. oldgoat@paxtonwarehouse.com
  11. Wanted-------Hershey wooden nickels from meets of 1983, 1988 and 1991. Thanks. oldgoat@paxtonwarehouse.com
  12. 46 woodie is exactly right......i've heard that the meet chairman in 1982 had an aversion to wooden nickels, therefore none were produced. Have been ever since.