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  1. I just recently discovered all the CRT can do. Is there someplace I could get instructions on how to do a BCM override in diagnosis mode and what codes mean what.
  2. I wasn't sure if the dimmer switch controlled the interior lights. I know the dimmer switch little plastic nipple is broken but I can use a tiny screwdriver to slide it even though it does nothing. The fans don't come on until 213°F? That seems kinda high. I let it get around 200 and got worried that they didn't come on. I can jump the fan and make them come on and the BCM is new.
  3. I have an 88 Reatta. Finally got my CRT working the main issue I had but now i have two other problems i just can't figure out. First one is my interior lights stay on all the time. The second is my Cooling Fans don't come on when its up to temp. Like it should. Okay, I lied there are a few more issues but those are the ones I'm trying to tackle right now. Thanks.
  4. I am leaning towards just a bad CRT like you said. Everything else seems to be responding and working well. Does anyone have a good cheap place to get one? I'm on a tight budget. Thank everyone that has helped me get this piece of american history back to life.
  5. I am only getting 9.5 volts between the Red and Light blue wire and black and tan wire and 11 volts between the Red and light blue and Black and light blue. 4.3 Volts on Gray and Red, Black and Orange. Is that a sign it could be the cps?
  6. I will definitely try to test those things out but what i was referring to is the CRT i guess is the technical term. I can touch were the controls in every screen should be and they work (Radio controls, Fan Speed ect.) I just have no display. Also now that have the new bcm with my prom in it the interior lights work now but they stay on all the time, i had to pull the relay to get them to turn off.
  7. Okay, i just got my new BCM. The RAP now works, my dash comes on without my help, and the interior lights work. My touch screen works but i have no illumination I suspect its the module that controls it that's under the dash. Does anyone know a reliable place to get one? Also my speedometer doesn't work. Yesterday it worked for about 4 miles then quit. Any suggestions?
  8. It just seems the BCM is very sensitive to any extra resistance because it works with such low voltage that i don't want to take any chances down the road of having intermittent problems from the connectors. I hope i wont be replacing the entire harness.
  9. I am starting to think it was flooded, i have already pulled the carpet out and repaired those splices. The body and subframe seem solid with little surface rust on the subframe. It runs great, the radio works and can be controlled by pushing on the screen just has no display on the console or the speedometer. A good bit of mold and mildew but nothing a little elbow grease cant fix. I would just feel better if i could get new connectors, i don't really have the money for an entire harness.
  10. I have voltage at the brown wire with white stripe so I'm going to get a BCM. Does anyone have extra BCM Connectors with wires attached? I would just like to get all new connectors and solder them to my harness, some of these metal connectors don't seem like they will last much longer after being exposed to so much corrosion.
  11. My SVC# is 01227333 but the Prom says AMTR. Could that be a problem?
  12. I need access to the FSM but I don't yet. Nothing happened when i hit the Green Wire but when i wiggle the connector my speedometer display goes crazy and says Error were the mileage was. The RAP isn't working either because the radio goes dead as soon as i turn the key off, That's also part of the BCM correct? I'm not completely sure I have checked every power and ground going into the BCM because i dont have a schematic of it but i desperately need one. All of the problems seem to be pointing to the BCM but I want to be completely sure.
  13. I'm hanging in there. I was poking at wires with a test light at the BCM, when i hit this Blue wire with the Orange stripe it made my dash come on but still doesn't register the speed it gave me hope. I'm leaning towards the BCM itself because everything that doesn't work runs through that. When I got the car all of the lights around the touch screen would work but now its just the radio.
  14. I cleaned them all. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the BCM? I want to check all of the wires going into and out of the BCM to be 100% sure that's the problem.
  15. Thanks everyone for the advice. I have repaired all of the splices under the seats and traced the problem and it seems none of the relays are working. I have power on the hot side of the Relay windings and on the hot side of the switch side. I assume these are ground side switched by the BCM? When i jumped the relay for the fog lights and interior lights for example they work fine. It seems either my BCM is not grounded properly or its not getting a signal to activate these relays. Any advice would be appreciated.
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