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  1. Ed, the motors definitely been rebuilt but the odometers stuck at 35,xxx so as for the mileage....who knows!! I should probably start a new thread but do you know of anyone who repairs gauge clusters? Thx
  2. I was just pulling your leg. Good luck with the registry.
  3. Damn, looks like I opened a can of worms here! I'll throw all of the recommendations into a hat and have the wife pick a name!!
  4. I have no idea what type of oil the previous owner used as I purchased my 1963 from an auction. It has the 425 engine, any advise??
  5. Hi Darren, how about a little love for the 63's and 65's.........'
  6. Congrats Dale, awesome car. I bought my '63 just a couple of weeks ago and digging it.
  7. I went to the Pomona Swap Meet and classic car show today for the first time, it's just up the road from me and what an awesome event. I purchased a great set of rims for my '63 (IMO at least) complete with new tires. I wish I could post a picture but my girls are away and it's getting late! If anyone wants to check them out they are from American Racing, VF489 if I remember correctly. The seller guaranteed no spacers (the 20's I have now have 2-1/4" spacers.....ouch) and I think I'll end up with 17 x 7's on the front and 17 x 8's on the back. I'll be taking the car for the measurements tomorrow. The sales guy knew about the center hub clearance for the '63 and has included the measuring, machining, mounting balancing, wheel nuts, alignment etc. etc. in the lump sum price. The seller is Performance Plus in Long Beach and my sales guy was Charlie (definitely knew his stuff) in case anyones interested. On a separate note, the cars running hot on the freeway and after draining the radiator today I noticed that a lot of the tubes are plugged. If anyone knows of a reliable radiator shop in the OC/LA area please advise. Cheers.
  8. Thanks, mine is located in the glove box. So much for my cable theory. I did notice a 1/4" rubber hose laying on the ground under the engine bay the other day and it sounds like that could be it. I coiled up the hose (I think it was coming through the fire wall) and stored it under the hood. I'll investigate further.
  9. I have a non functioning remote trunk release in my 63 riviera. i haven't looked into it to any extent as yet but I'm assuming a broken cable. Is this a common problem? Any advise on where to look and how to fix would be appreciated.
  10. I need to replace the 20" rims on my '63 because they are rubbing. I'm thinking maybe 17 x 8 or 18 x 8 would work much better. I was wondering if anyone knows the offset for these sizes? Or alternatively a size that works well.
  11. Thanks Ed, you certainly know your stuff regarding these cars. I do have the red air cleaner and decal (nothing on the snorkel). It looks like new so its either been painted and a new sticker applied or aftermarket or NOS. The engine is painted a light blue color so not correct. Anyway I'm really pleased about the matching numbers. Reversing the battery is at the top of my "to do" list...!!
  12. I'll try and source that locally, if I can't find it I'll get back to you. Thanks
  13. I'll do that. Thanks for the invite, I'll try to make it.
  14. Many thanks to all for the responses and advise, the car is in great condition as you can see from the Mecum photo's that were posted. I found a couple of other numbers on the engine block, one was 7J1106155 (matches the car number so that's good) and the other is JW719, the 9 could be a q. The car does have the original drum brakes, when I figure out how to do it I'll post a few more pictures. I'm probably going to change the wheels, I like the look but they are too big (20's) and rub. I'll stick to an open wheel because the drums have been powder coated or painted silver and they look pretty cool. I'm thinking 17" on the tire size but opinions would be appreciated. I'm so glad to have discovered the series 1 Rivieras, awesome looking cars.