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  1. The axles are still on car. I'll check when new ones come in... Thanks
  2. Looks like I will order #80 1967. Not sure if that is both th and left side, and don't see a # for rock auto to ask. Will I need to order rt intermediate axle seperatly?. Thanks
  3. Thank you. I'll show this to my mechanic. I have no idea what makes one different from another, but he will. I'll let you know what transpires... Thanks again!
  4. Ok.... Yes 1989 auto transmission, need both the right and left axles. Yes, the intermediate shaft is on the right side. As far as a rebuilt, the guy that used to do it for him is no longer in business. I can look into it more if I cannot find replacement axles. Thanks...you guys rock!
  5. I will check all that out later today and post the information I get. Thank you, it will be a big help!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I had tires balanced and guy at tire store said exactly what you said. He did what he could and still had an issue. My regular mechanic says no, he checked and said it's the axle.... Like surgery, should I seek a 3rd opinion? Thanks
  7. Was the switch. Found one and replaced it! Thanks
  8. Thanks HD. If it's not std issue though, he doesn't want to take time tracking one down, plus he is not proficient on the computer. So I try to help when I can. If I can find what I need then he will install. What else can I say. If I can find some, I'll buy 'em..
  9. Thank you for the information. What do I need to do ? My TC wobbles @30mph the goes away. My mechanic says the axles! What ever it is, I'd like to have it fixed. Did balancing etc. If it is the "tone rings" are they easy to find? Thanks... Steve
  10. Where can I find front axles for my 1989 TC? I thought they were std Chrysler l car but guess not! Any help is appreciated. Thanks Steve
  11. The thing that pushes into the switch, and you pull out to turn on lights?
  12. Seat reclines back, but not back to upright. Switch on the seat bad maybe?? Thanks.
  13. Still have the NOS brakes? I may need...will know soon. What are you asking? Thanks
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