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  1. Thanks, Dave. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I escaped town for a while with the wifey. Back just in time for the start of spring. I appreciate your efforts; it means a lot.
  2. Thanks, Mike. I'm now a member of that group, too, and I just read your email!
  3. Welcome, Mike! Name here is Rich, and I'm a fellow Hoosier. I live in Avon (West Indy suburbs). I'm also not a car expert, and I joined due to searching for my father's car--a 1955 Ford Country Squire. I haven't had any luck in tracking the old thing down, but I was drawn to your post for one reason: James Dean. Dean owned a car nearly identical to my father's (there may have been some trim differences). For this reason, I've rekindled my interest in him. Here's my original post on the forum regarding my father's car: http://forums.aaca.org/f169/info-needed-55-ford-country-squire-38359
  4. This really does remind me of my house growing up, especially around the holidays (although our house was a bit more modest) I can almost smell the persimmon pudding. Thanks again for this.
  5. Why is that? They certainly don't seem very sporty; however, I haven't been in one in 50 years. Dave: The picture that you posted does not seem to show up. Can you PM it to me or re-post it? Offhand, do you know if any details on the vehicle pictured are mentioned?
  6. The faux wood was good enough for my old man--and James Dean! Oh well, to each his own. I can tell you that the festival really interests me. Anyone here going? I'd love the chance to meet up with some people. My older son has expressed interest in going, even if I'm not able to make it.
  7. So you're saying that only "true woodies" are represented here? Do enthusiasts often scoff at the later models with the faux siding? Looking at some of the pictures online, I've seen some later models represented. Of course, a few pictures hardly represents the entire festival.
  8. Hello Everyone: It's Rich here again, and I'm still trying to track down by father's old '55 Country Squire. Evidently, no one on here has it! Anyway, I was looking around on the internet, and came across an organization out in California called "Woodies on the Warf." They have a big show every year (June). Has anyone been? What do you think? Is it mostly for those who actually own a Woodie, or can those just with a general interest in them have any fun? Is it worth making a trip to California to see it? Thanks!
  9. HA! You've never met my wife. After nearly 40 years of marriage, this would be the wrong button to push!
  10. Thanks again guys! I did speak to Mr. Harwood - his was not the exact car, but boy would I love to have it. Doubt the wife will go for it!
  11. Maybe there are searchable records at your state vehicle registries? Thanks a lot for your info (and everyone else too!). I would assume that if the car was shipped, it was shipped from CA, not from Indiana where I live. This is an avenue to pursue. Thanks again! Merry Christmas!
  12. Hello Everyone: It's Rich again. If anyone read my last forum thread (http://forums.aaca.org/f169/info-needed-55-ford-country-squire-383597.html), I have been searching for my father's 1955 Ford Country Squire. I received some information from a friend of mine who stated that it was common for classic cars to be shipped to Mexico (in the 1960s and '70s), and other nations. Does anyone know anything about this. Does anyone know where to find records of these type of transactions? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I know that in Indiana (as in other places), if a car is stored outside, especially on a city street, it has to be fully registered. I wasn't sure about requirements for inside a garage. Cheers.
  14. I made this post under "General Info" the week before last. I had not noticed that this Woodie Club section existed. http://forums.aaca.org/f169/info-needed-55-ford-country-squire-383597.html Does anyone in this area have any further info to help me locate my father's Woodie? Trying not to be annoying here, fellas. Any help is greatly appreciated! Rich
  15. This may sound ridiculous, but does this give someone an incentive to store a car for long periods of time (decades?) without having to register it? The reason I ask is because I am looking for my father's car (which I believe is/was in CA), and I wonder if someone may be storing it without registering it. Thanks, Rich
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