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  1. Sadly I'm selling my TC. I have severe arthritis in my hands and am due for a shoulder replacement soon. Crawling around and under the TC just is not something I care to do in the near future or even down the line a year or so. Check it out at http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/5944572889.html. Thanks for all the info and help you guys on the forum have given me.
  2. Turbo lists heads bolts and washers along with the gasket part number. Is it necessary to replace the head bolts? I see Amazon has all the parts.
  3. I have checked with NAPA, Autozone, and Parts Plus. None of these stores list a head gasket for the TC engine. Rock Auto has one but it's not for the TC engine. The Chrysler shop manual states that the turbo ll uses a special gasket. The manual also suggests to gently sliding the cam sprocket off and suspending it from a bar across the engine compartment while keeping the cogs in place on the belt. Thus not loosing the timing.
  4. The other day the thermostat stuck on the TC. After replacing it, I found that the head gasket was blown. I have checked with a number of parts stores but it appears no one carries a head gasket set. I know that the turbo ll gasket is different than other 2.2's. What's the story with the gasket set? Also, is it possible to unbolt the manifolds and push them back toward the fire wall to remove the head or would they need to be removed from the car too?
  5. Marty, What is the cost of each?
  6. After buying the wrong relay and finally finding the correct one for $3, I found that the relay isn't the problem. The antenna motor is bad. I was able to tug hard enough to pull the ariel up so I can listen to the radio. Has any one found a source for the correct antenna?
  7. I finally got around to looking into my antenna relay troubles. Previously I found the Standard RY-79 relay purported to be the relay for the TC on E-Bay. Once I located the relay in the car I found that the Standard RY-79 must fit something else. NAPA doesn't carry the correct part and no one else could find it either. I did find the right relay on E-Bay for under $3. Jeep dealers also carry it on line. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. As our precious TC's age the top and windshield rubbers seals shrink a little at the upper corners, where the top and windshield meet, causing annoying leaks during a heavy rain. I solved this problem by simply cutting small pieces of scrap weather stripping and gluing them at the end of the rubber top seal, where it meets with the top seal, before I installed the top for the winter. There have been some very heavy rains lately and the leaks are gone.
  9. Hemi, I dug around a little deeper and found the line to the MAP sensor had also blown off on top of the engine. Now the question is, why would hitting it hard blow off the vacuum lines?
  10. I'll take another close look. When I first bought the car the main vacuum line, that has all the small lines coming out of it, was broken. I made a crude one that seems to work. Is there any source for this vacuum line?
  11. Hemi Dude, I drove drag cars, stock cars, and sports cars in my youth. My sons and I raced go karts on the national circuit when I was in my late 40's. I may be old now but the need for speed never dies. Wheelsport
  12. Today I stepped on it hard, the turbo kicked in and then the car bucked hard and won't stop bucking on acceleration. Its un-drivable this way. I had a code 13. I found the vacuum line to the waste gate control solenoid had popped off. I put back in place but it made no difference. Upon further inspection I can find nothing else noticeable. Any ideas?
  13. I finally took Emmett's advise and checked the plugs. They looked fine but I replaced them anyway. It took a month before I had an occasion where I was able to romp the go pedal. No more problem! Thanks guys!!
  14. Like I said, there is power at the antenna. I don't have a TC manual but I do have an '89 LeBaron manual.
  15. The wheels had some chips on the face so I sold them for scrap.
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