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  1. Do you guys think i would have any luck on ebay? being so rare how to i get people to find it?
  2. i just love how simple they are. everything was made from a different car or parts you can get at the hardware store. its the pickup version of Jonny Cashes song one piece at a time!
  3. 1956 Powell Pickup Trucks | Hemmings Motor News http://www.hemmings.com/hmn/stories/2010/10/01/hmn_feature7.html
  4. im not really sure how to add pictures here yet. im in Mishawaka Indiana right out side south bend
  5. HEY GUYS i have a 1956 Powell pickup tuck that i need to sell. I am already in the middle of working on my Studebaker so this truck will go un touched for a long time. the previous owner did alot of work to if before i got it but it still needs finished. these were built in Compton California for 3 years and only 1200 were made and less then 150 are left ( according to the Powell registry) the frame and body are very strong but it needs the body work finished and paint. the trucks were build on a 41 Plymouth frame and used a 41 Plymouth motor making this truck pretty easy to work on and part
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