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  1. And link. Fits the left-front of a 1931 Pierce-Arrow Series 43.
  2. On my ‘51, the backup light switch got sticky and would fail to release when the transmission from reverse, so the lamps would stay on. I suppose age and lack of regular driving were the cause.
  3. Hi, I am having the engine in my Series 43 rebuilt. The friction material in the crank damper needs to be replaced and information about this seems to be thin on the ground. There is a specification on the illustrated parts list I have for ‘29-‘30: adjust to require 30 to 40 pounds pull at the rim to cause it to slip. I have purchased material from several sources for the rebuilder to try. Meanwhile, someone surely has encountered this issue and worked it out satisfactorily. I would certainly appreciate a good word about this subject.
  4. Hi, Dave, this is Randy Roberson. info about the dampers seems pretty scarce, even at PAS. I did find the spec to set the spring pressure: at least, on the Series C ( small eight) it should take 30-40 pounds of pull on the rim to slip it. It’s on tge parts list drawing. My engine rebuilder is asking me for replacement friction material. I am checking the dimensions of the material used by Rolls-Royce on their damper used on their inline engines until the V-8. happy motoring! Randy
  5. Hi; looking for advice regarding inspection and repair of the crank dampener on a 1931 Pierce-Arrow Series 43 straight eight. Thanks!
  6. I walked by a complete rear wheel with the hub brake and sprocket at Hershey last year. I remember wondering if anyone recognized it. A dealer bought it and had it offered at his booth for more than I was willing to pay.
  7. Hi, anyone have experience with this 3-speed transmission with free-wheeling, from 1931? I need to change the shaft seals but otherwise it seems to be in great shape. Is there any service literature available? It’s in a 1931 Pierce.
  8. You have oil or grease on the linings; try cleaning the lingong surface and drum surface with brake-clean solvent.
  9. Restoration Supply have a stock of tall-head bolts. Fastenal dealers have some imported bolts but they are quality and they stand behind their stuff. Look for quality fasteners at industrial and heavy equipment dealers. Hope this helps.
  10. Need a Delco-Lovejoy 1650 e and a shock link for a 1931 Pierce-Arrow Series 43.buick8@yahoo.com
  11. I need a Delco Lovejoy Model 1650 for the left-front. I also need a link.
  12. CWC is the foundry where this was cast: Campbell Wyant Cannon Three men started it: Donald Campbell, Ira Wyant, and George Cannon. Now CWC Textron last I knew
  13. Sorry, but that isn't it; I have a pic I will try to post that shows it. thanks!
  14. This is what I think. I haven't a offered a cross word in any communication but they discuss a two week turnaround on their web site. That certainly hasn't been my experience.
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