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  1. Wascator

    Kelsey Motorette 1911

    I walked by a complete rear wheel with the hub brake and sprocket at Hershey last year. I remember wondering if anyone recognized it. A dealer bought it and had it offered at his booth for more than I was willing to pay.
  2. Wascator

    Warner T-74 Transmission

    Hi, anyone have experience with this 3-speed transmission with free-wheeling, from 1931? I need to change the shaft seals but otherwise it seems to be in great shape. Is there any service literature available? It’s in a 1931 Pierce.
  3. Wascator

    Brake problem-Locking up wheel-37 Packard 120

    You have oil or grease on the linings; try cleaning the lingong surface and drum surface with brake-clean solvent.
  4. Wascator

    Studs Bolts and Nuts suppliers

    Restoration Supply have a stock of tall-head bolts. Fastenal dealers have some imported bolts but they are quality and they stand behind their stuff. Look for quality fasteners at industrial and heavy equipment dealers. Hope this helps.
  5. Wascator

    Lovejoy Shock 1650E Wanted

    Need a Delco-Lovejoy 1650 e and a shock link for a 1931 Pierce-Arrow Series 43.buick8@yahoo.com
  6. Wascator

    1931 Pierce 43 Shock

    I need a Delco Lovejoy Model 1650 for the left-front. I also need a link.
  7. Wascator

    Engine Block Foundry Mark

    CWC is the foundry where this was cast: Campbell Wyant Cannon Three men started it: Donald Campbell, Ira Wyant, and George Cannon. Now CWC Textron last I knew
  8. Wascator

    Pierce-Arrow Series 80 Parts Search

    Sorry, but that isn't it; I have a pic I will try to post that shows it. thanks!
  9. Wascator

    Vendor Issue

    This is what I think. I haven't a offered a cross word in any communication but they discuss a two week turnaround on their web site. That certainly hasn't been my experience.
  10. Wascator

    Vendor Issue

    Plane trip to CA. When I get time I will do it as I need to go visit/ check on my College Student anyway. just be careful sending shocks Out West...
  11. Wascator

    Vendor Issue

    I understand. This vendor seems reputable and I am not willing to harm them but I need my parts back and they won't answer the phone. I was hoping to learn if I should be more patient or forget it and move on. I would not ask someone to go to the vendor or otherwise intervene.
  12. Hi, I have a Pierce-Arrow which was bought out of this museum circa 1986. This is about the time the founder of the museum, Ralph Space, passed away. Does anyone know anything about this? The museum have no knowledge of history earlier than this, and say no cars have been sold from the museum since then.
  13. I need a few misc parts: interior wood vanity on either side of the rear seat for the 5 passenger coach; windshield anti-rattle latches (the half that fastens on the body pillar on each side with three screws); two of the aluminum clamps for the Balcrank tubular steel rear bumpers which were a common accessory of the time. Anyone has something available, just let me know. Thanks!
  14. Hi, if your Car from the 1920s has Balcrank accessory tubular steel bumpers, you might be interested to know the manufacturer is still in business. They now make dispensers for lube oil and related automotive fluids, for service stations, quick-lube shops, etc. but alas! no bumpers. I need a couple of parts for my bumpers: there are two aluminum clamps on each side of the rear bumpers; these will have "BALCRANK" stamped on them if anyone has one or two to offer I am interested.
  15. Wascator

    sleeve valve engines

    Love sleeve-valve engines! There are quite a few YouTube videos explain operation, and one series in particular shows a Peter Brotherhood industrial Diesel being rebuilt and started/run in the UK. AS I recall, Part 16 is a detailed explanation of the motion of the single sleeve. There are even hobbyists who convert lawnmower engines to sleeve operation. Fascinating!