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  1. Im looking for one as well, dosent have to be perfect its for a unrestored daily driver
  2. Looking for 54-56 buick quarter pannel trim
  3. Looking for 56' exterior trim mouldings have any?
  4. Do you have exterior trim mouldings? I sent you a msg to the email on the thread, thank you
  5. I may be interested in those dropped 2"coils , im new to the fourm and dont really know how it works can you msg me if you still have them? Thank you! Id like your contact also so i can keep up with your ls conversion, as i am thinking i want to do the same to my 56' ))))))
  6. Any luck? Also looking for the wheelwell arch moulding. Any help would be greatly appereciated!
  7. Wow thanks guys that helps alot! Thanks for the tips and i'll keep you posted with some updates and pics:)
  8. Perfect thanks alot gents! This helps tremdously!! I'll keep you posted on what i get and how it turns out.
  9. Hi Gents, just put some cash down on my first real Buick, a 1956 Buick Special 2 dr post. Real nice solid car, hailing from Manitoba Canada. As you may know there is not a whole lot of rust free surviors up here. So shes been siting for about 15 years and drove to where she sits up on blocks now. Since she hasnt ran for so long im a little scared of just hooking up a battery and some fresh gas and hitting the key,anyone have any helpful tips on safely starting up this ol v8 nailhead?
  10. Thanks alot gents! Also is 54-56 the same ? Following the guidelines mentioned above?
  11. Thanks ! that does help some! i"heard" that 54-56 2dr -4dr are the same just looking for verification, before i go rip something out of the junkyard and spend an arm and leg after i cant find one:/
  12. Any luck?? Dont see any replys and am having the same problem myself!
  13. Hi guys i just purchaced a 56 buick special 2 door/ post . Its a base, post model(not century,roadmaster,etc) The cars in great shape but needs a windsheild. What year/model windsheilds are interchangeable for this car??? Thanks for the help !! Im sure im not the first one to ask ! Cheerrs!
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