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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm going with the CARS kit and will post updates on the process. I ordered the kit today. As always, I did the "while I'm ordering..." bit and tacked on several other "must have" items from CARS. Amazing how you can turn a $250 kit into a $700 order...
  2. I'm looking for advice on front end suspension rebuild kits for a 63 Riviera. So far, I've found three options: Anyone have experience with any of these kits? Thanks!
  3. I'm really glad to hear that the plates are working out for others. To answer Ed's question above, the plates are "Laser Etched AlumaMark".
  4. Glad to hear they turned out well for you. I was hoping others would be pleased with the results. Care to post a pic of your plate on your console?
  5. At the request of several other Riviera owners, I worked with the trophy shop owner to get a more precise reproduction plate (dimensions more accurate with the original). Here's the final result: If anyone else is interested in a similar plaque, here's what you do: 1) Get permission to use the Riviera logo for your private use. I contacted the GM Heritage Center and they have no problem with people using copyrighted GM material for personal use. You can email Peggy Kelly at and request a "No Objection to Use" form. Be sure to include details of what you intend to do and clearly state that this is for personal use. 2) Contact the Trophy House in Burnsville, MN (3140 Highway 13 W., Burnsville, MN 55337). I worked with J. Kevin Kennedy at If you mention the Riviera plate, he'll know what you are talking about. He will need the name you want on the plate and he'll send you an electronic proof to verify before producing anything. Cost will be around $25 plus shipping. I'm very happy with the reproduction plate and I hope this helps a few others get their own custom plaque. If anyone has any questions, I'd be glad to try and help.
  6. I promised an update and I finally have one. There's nothing like the threat of legal action to kill a thread. I emailed GM Heritage Center ( letting them know what I intended to do and requested permission to use the Riviera logo. My request was forwarded to GM Global Brand Licensing who sent me a very nice reply granting permission for personal use (they were also kind enough to send along several Riviera logos as well as some stock photos of the 1963 Riviera to help in my project). Naturally, GM could not grant blanket permission to use the Riviera logo but other enthusiasts could follow this same approach to get permission for their own personal plates. I received an official (albeit somewhat generic) "No Objection to Use" form which means I can safely post my final results: The end result isn't an exact replication of the original but it was close enough for my purposes (and my son was thrilled). If desired, the design could be tweaked to more closely match the original. The only exception is the font used for the actual name. We could not find an exact match to the font used on the original plate so we picked a "fancy cursive" font that was as close as possible. If anyone else is interested in a reproduction "Built Expressly For" plate, let me know and I can put you in touch with the trophy shop I used. If you are looking for a more exact reproduction, I could drop off my original plate and work with the shop to fine tune the design.
  7. Thanks to all who chimed in on the Riviera script. I ended up "borrowing" the logo from the ROA (of which I am a member) and stripped away everything but the "Riviera" script. From my perspective, that matched almost exactly what I was looking for. We couldn't find an exact match for the owner's name but picked a fancy cursive font that will hopefully look good. I hope to pick up my plate tomorrow or Wednesday and will post pics of the original and the reproduction side by side. I'm sure you'll be able to spot the differences between the two but I hope my reproduction will add a nice personal touch. I'll also inquire about making plates for anyone else who may be interested. I promise an update once I have the new plate in hand.
  8. Anyone know where I can find an electronic image of the "Riviera" script? I found a local trophy shop that can reproduce the "Built Expressly for..." plaque I found in our 63 Riv. I'm working on this car with my son and I'd like to reproduce this plaque with his name engraved. For best results, the trophy shop owner would like to have a high resolution image of the "Riviera" script.