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  1. Hello All Searching for information about Marine conversion kits for Model T's. Specifically those manufactured by New Jersey motors. Any information, catalogs or photos would be most welcome. Thanks
  2. Yes, the engine number is located on the flat section behind the fan blade mount. You may have to clean the rust off (carefully) to see it.
  3. Hi Rich The motor is going to be our back-up power plant for the Chamberlin Mill. www.chamberlinmill.org We hope to have the Mill back in operation next year with the original Studebaker engine as it was in 1938 We have other parts such as fenders, front end, springs etc. No motor parts for sale, sorry.
  4. Hi I don't have a price. What would you offer? We have a cowling, but not much left in the way of interior parts. The motor and transmission are in use.
  5. Here is the hub cap. It gas some dents and scratches, but is otherwise in good shape. Internally it is intact. Let me know what you think it's worth.
  6. The only hub cap is the one pictured on the front end (next to the rear end in the photo). I'm not sure how good it is. I can take a closer look and post a picture here. Then you can let me know what it might be worth.
  7. 1929 President rear end. Appears to be in good working condition. Includes spring mounts. $500 Other parts available.
  8. Hello I'm looking for an oil/ammeter for a 1928 President instrument panel. The gauges seem to be OK, but the housing is rusted away. Not sure how many years will fit but at least '29 looks the same. Thanks
  9. Have a set of fenders and splash guards for sale. Parting out a '29 President 125" WB, body W2. Fenders have surface rust with some dents, but otherwise are intact. Splash guards have some rusted sections but are mostly complete.
  10. Would like drawings of the wooden body components for restoring the cowling of a 1928 President. Also, which type of wood was used? Oak or Ash? Thanks
  11. What are the tappet clearances for a '28 model FB straight eight? Thanks
  12. Hi I think we're pretty well set with the original engine. We also have a parts car that has a spare engine. What about sawmill parts? We are reconstructing an 1864 Lame mill. It would be interesting to know the history of your mill and how it came to be powered by an engine. Was it originally water-powered, steam-powered or a new installation with the Studebaker? Thanks
  13. Yes, I'll try to post some pictures as we get the parts off that we need. The dismantling is a weeknight/weekend project, so it make take a while. Thanks
  14. The straight eight engine was the preferred power plant for sawmills and other machinery. In our area we have heard of 2 other sawmills that were converted to engine power. A Studebaker and a Packard, unfortunately both of those are gone. Ours is the only one left. The frame was cut down and only the front part of the car remains. The transition from water power to engine power was necessary because the dam was ruined. Also with an engine, the mill could run year round instead of just seasonally. This was all part of industrial development and is the reason for restoring the mill with the Stud
  15. Yes, we are planning to use the engine, bell housing and transmission. We will have some parts to sell after we finish taking off what we need.
  16. We are restoring a 29 Studebaker engine that was used to run a sawmill in Woodstock, CT. The sawmill ran from 1940 into the 60's with this engine. The mill is under restoration and the engine is being restored to run the mill again. The work is mainly being done by volunteers to bring the mill back as a living history site. The mill represents the transition from water power to engine power. Recently we have been given a '29 President chassis with many useful parts. The intention is to use the parts we need and sell off unneeded parts to raise money for the project. For details visit www.chamb
  17. Thanks much, good information. I don't have much of the body so it was not possible to tell what I had.
  18. Recently acquired a parts vehicle. I believe it to be a 1929 President. Serial number is: 7016123, The tag on the firewall is: FHW-2/694 Can anybody tell me more about this car? THanks
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