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  1. I have the motor mounts plus original bolts and lock washers that were on my 1948 248 straight eight for sale , also a vintage old school dial adjustable voltage regulator ( I never attempted to use may need a adjustment and cleaning ) . Please contact for interest in items and make offers , you pay shipping I can send it . Thank you
  2. Sold the brake light assemblies and headlight eyebrows. Rear trunk emblem assembly and dash grill avaliable .
  3. My youngest daughter took over one of Buick shirts that I found on amazon strolling one day . She laughs everytime she sees the shirt .
  4. Still have brake light housings complete , headlight badges , rear buick eight emblem , interior grill .
  5. I still roam here when I can . Lots more information on this site (for me and my 1941 buick special ) , Facebook site is pictures and sharing stories along with some questions and needs for parts . Along with finding pictures of local shows including dandy dave with another another member on both sites .
  6. The trunk handle , mechanism , and license plate holder along with the light sold .SOLD
  7. I have some parts off 1941 buick special sedennette. Tailights (right and left) trunk latch complete then the license plate holder assembly , the rear buick eight emblem , the trim buick piece that goes on the headlight trim rings interior grill,dash piece . I have not put prices on these yet , if you need any or all these pieces they are used not perfect make offer and include if you need them shipped ( along with east or west coast for shipping cost ) . Thank you for looking
  8. Love these old pics finding on the Internet .
  9. This group has a lot of great members I was just made aware of it a couple weeks ago . Lots of video's and straight 8 owners showing off there projects and pride of abilities towards BUICK .
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